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  • Jazz cafe trip

    Am thinking of going down to JC over the next month or so with a friend... some acts look interesting but I've not seen any of them live so wondered if any of you guys could recommend anything from the following:

    Antibalas, Binobo, Terry Callier, Lewis Taylor.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Antibalas are wicked live - loves of great afro funk. Bonobo is mainly laid back beats but still excellent.

    My only problem is the jazz cafe - its such a soul less venue. And its bloody expensive! <- Changed URL


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      Callier usually does a good show, but I echo Serms - Jazz Cafe is horrible: over crowded and over expensive.


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        I&#39;ve only been there once or twice and a that was about 6 years back so it may have changed. The sight lines weren&#39;t great which is always a problem in a venue

        I am a big Terry callier fan and have always enjoyed his shows a lot. He tends to play for ages too - though a certain amount of that is him letting the guys in the band take solos. But he is getting on so I reckon he needs a breather.

        Antibalas are playing in Dublin soon which I am mad for that- except there are no gigs I want to see for a month and then 6 in one week.
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          Interesting 4 choices - totally different vibes in their own way, which is what you&#39;ll get at the Jazz Cafe and that&#39;s an important consideration when you go there.

          Terry Callier is an essential see at some point. The Jazz Cafe will be packed out for this one, and it can become a nasty experience in there. The music will be beautiful, but the place full of people that won&#39;t move out of your way, whether you need a beer or a trip to the lav. The place can attract assholes, I guess like any other venue, but none more so than a Callier gig. Can you believe the last time I saw him, Terry was getting heckled by some div because he didn&#39;t play &#39;Candyman&#39;?? Uggg&#33;

          I&#39;ld go with Antibalas - crowd will be dancing and upbeat, instead of sombre and STFU. Should make the night more enjoyable cos it&#39;ll take you a year and day to get served at the bar.

          A word of advise. Get in there fairly early and make your way to the Bacardi Bar at the back of the venue near the DJ booth. Set up base camp there - nice acoustics and easy access to a bar&#33;


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            What&#39;s Lewis Taylor&#39;s newer stuff like? I&#39;ve not heard anything by him since his debut lp. I always thought he had an interesting approach to soul (did&#39;nt always work though).
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              I&#39;d recommend ditching the Jazz Cafe altogether and go to something like Pete Isaac&#39;s funk thing at the Eden Project, with Lou Donaldson backed by the New Mastersounds... I think a similar thing is happening in Brighton too.


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (left hand corner @ April 16 2004,12:31)]I always thought he had an interesting approach to soul (did&#39;nt always work though).
                The smack head approach? His first album was great, the second one I thought was really nothing - trying to hard - maybe to feed his habit. Dunno. Haven&#39;t heard anything since.

                And as for that Eden Project recommendation - **GO&#33;&#33;**. I went to the last one, and it&#39;s a killer venue.....and Pete well and truly decks out the venue, proper like. Looks like I can&#39;t make this one, but it&#39;s a great shout.


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                  I&#39;ve been to the Jazz Cafe many times in the past and have always found it a nice experience, so I&#39;ve got no problems with it as a venue. With Lewis Taylor, I haven&#39;t heard anything other than his first LP which I bought based on his performance on Jools Holland. I played it to death but have struggled to listen to it in recent years. I still read good stuff on him, but have never taken that extra plunge.

                  The Eden stuff sounds great, but I&#39;m at a wedding on that day&#33; :angry:

                  So Antibalas may be the right choice... cheers&#33;
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                    The jazz bop events down in Brighton are BRILLIANT. Had many a good night out there.
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                      jazzbop rocks&#33; a mate of mien whose putting up says its more clubby and school than before. whatever it means.