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  • Erwin halletz ?

    Popped out to check the air pressure in my car tyres - which for some reason involved going to 4 different garages because the machines were either broken, blocked in by other cars, or had those bewildering PSI machines that I can't work - and popped into a couple of charities while I was out.

    Picked up a pile of minty Decca Phase 4 / Circle of Sound / Studio 2 Stereo Lps - mainly because there were 40p each and were in such good nick. Mainly useless to me, but one is pretty curious.

    Erwin Halletz - Mr Casanova (Polydor)

    Now I only picked it up because if had a track on it called 'Appartement 00 Sex' (which sadly isn't very good), but the rest of the LP is a strange mix of scat jazz with the occasion flash of fuzz guitar, flute and hammond. Not too shabby, if you're at home with the easier end of the spectrum and aren't expecting neck snapping breaks all over the shop.

    Anybody else know anything about this fellas output ?

    Shall we just leave this to Lord Thames ?
    Matt Hero

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    he's a pretty well-known German soundtrack composer. crippled dick put out an LP of his a couple of years back. he's been doing OSTs since the 50s through to the 80s and 90s.

    i'm not sure what other commercially-released stuff he created other than OSTs though.
    Chops for show, groove for dough.


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (theeman @ April 16 2004,17:52)]i'm not sure what other commercially-released stuff he created other than OSTs though.
      Thanks Ed.... I can't find any references to this LP anywhere, but as you say a little bit of googling does tend to place him in the Peter Thomas bracket. Which is no bad place to be.

      [EDIT] The other thing out of this lot that seems to be worth a punt is 'Tijuana Fiesta' - Pepe Chaquita Brass RCA Camden), again only bought on the basis that there is a version of 'Light My Fire' on it. I normally fear the word 'Tijuana' greatly, but this on a first spin, this seems pretty decent, certainly 'Light My Fire' is a winner anyway.
      Matt Hero


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        Just to add, I think a fair bit of Erwin Halletz's output falls on the light/classical side of the divide - he did some LPs with the Monte Carlo Light Symphony Orchestra or something which are pretty straight classical. I've got a feeling he may have done a fair bit of library music too.

        And, for what it's worth, Pepe Chaquita is actually a pseudonym for  ballroom dance band leader Tony Evans.