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  • A few tunes

    Hi there I am new to all this but I love the site.
    Thought I'd tell you about a few things I have picked up and played out in the last few weeks.
    I played a monster raving loony bash last week, I don't how that happened but it let me play things from all over the shop.
    Kelly Gordon's "It ain't here...." or something like that the name slips my mind went down real well and I would recommend his "Defunked" LP to anyone who likes Bobbie Gentry (she is one track) and Tony Joe White.Shorty Rogers is on the LP and the track I played out is an instrumental and similar to there Bug In LP but without the beach buggy noises.
    I also play Trini Lopez version of "Fever" which starts of sounding like the batman theme with Trini really going for it, the people liked it very much.
    This is one of the best versions of "Fever" I have ever heard.It comes from his Trini in London LP which was recorded at Pye studios in 1967(the sleevenotes are very much from the time and are incorprated in the last tune to great affect.)There is 3 other tunes worth checking out again the 1st tune on side 1 and the last tune on side 2 as i mentioned above and a lovely version of the stones Lady jane.I suspect this LP is easy to pick up.
    I started picking up Trini (or trani lopez as me and my friend refer to him) after I got into his version of "unchain my heart" of his live at Pj's which sounds similar to Mel Torme doing comin home baby/right now.
    One of my favourite 7" of all time is by john scott and its "song of the cuckoo" on parlophone but I have never found out anything about and its not listed.
    Its quite fantastic.
    there only noodles michael...

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    Also forgot to mention a brilliantlly crazed echo laden song by Porter wagoner called "the rubber room" its quite amazing and its about be locked up.The LP its of is "what it ain't..."1st side is all about going mad or being mad.He looks quite odd on the front cover and on the back the sleeve the person write the sleevenotes can't stop talking about how nice it is to go fishing with Porter.Sounds swell.
    there only noodles michael...


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      Welcome to the board Bonbon

      He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.