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  • Octopus label: itallian library

    I have this record by a group called Climax on the Octopus label, I think it's Itallian. It's really psychy but has funk leanings with one large break. Overall lots of scat and a great listen.

    It's also got a Montparnasse sticker on it which is even more confusing.

    Any info would be rad.



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    The only Climax stuff I've got is Belgian. The most memorable 45 being 'You, I'. Tasty fuzz-rock/beat-psych oompah. Dunno if it's the same group. Helpful I know.
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      There are deffo a lot of tasty bits on the octopus label. It always crops up on ebay going way out of my price bracket for unknown lps. I know there was a comp of octospus output but I&#39;ve never seen a copy sadly. <- Changed URL


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        Indeed there was a comp called SCOCTOPUS which came out on Schema Records from Italy.
        Awesome comp&#33; It was one of the first easy italian library comps I bought. Haven&#39;t played it in yonks&#33;

        God bless Fatso.


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          Octopus is Italian although I don&#39;t have any info about the label. The comp was released on Schema and I suspect is long oop. Recommended if you can find a copy. The tunes I&#39;ve heard by Climax are very good indeed (save up/frog in love/maze/climax) and come off as a more psychy version of the Novi Singers. The label also put out some great jazzy psych stuff by the usual suspects like Alessandroni, I Cantori and Tommasi.

          Evertything I&#39;ve heard is quality so well worth keeping an eye out.

          I would guess the MP sticker is just French distribution. I have a few KPMs with Sonoton stickers and a couple of French MPIs with Brull (UK) but all have original labels and sleeves.


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            Now you mention it, the Primrose Music Library&#39;s just reissued this on CD, under the title &#39;Delirium 1973&#39; - I&#39;d always wondered where the tracks were sourced from.