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  • It\'s the return of the...

    Nobody here that posts (as far as I am aware) lives in Suffolk - you don't know what you are missing by the way - but just in case any of you are near Newmarket this Saturday you are welcome to pop by the Foresters Working Mens Club to see the Fen Boy 3: me, Rodders and Malby spin some records and get drunk.

    Ok, we can't guarantee super rare tunes all night, or that many punters if the last night there is anything to go by, but we are right friendly fellows and the beer and spirits are very cheap!

    If no-one turns up I'll claim it's the first meeting of the Lords Of The Newmarket Underground

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    He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.

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    Would love to hayd but gotta get my set
    together for the coming month  

    (junior member for life)

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    Whats you're style ?