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Everybodys talking 'bout button down brass

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  • Everybodys talking 'bout button down brass

    While indulding on a Lunchtime mini dig I found "Everbody's Talking 'Bout The Button Down Brass" on Pye 4D (1971). It's got one Davies original on it "Stop, Look and Listen" and the sleeve note say it's the first LP for the label. I've never seen it before and it doesn't appear to be on the main site - any of you guys got this?

    Can't comment on the tunes yet - I'm not allowed a turntable on my desk
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    Yeah, dug up a copy a while back. It's also got a Hawkshaw track on there too - 'Marielle' or something similar - I also cannot remember for the life of me whether it is any good either. Sorry
    Matt Hero


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      I've got it - rather lacking in funk, there's nothing like 'Truckin' on it, but there's some nice easy-type parping. Hawkshaw later did his own version of 'Marielle' on his '....plays the Philicorda' LP.