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  • Snipe sites?

    i have been using this very good snipe site called - dutch or something - completely free, unlimited use, best layout i have seen, etc. it seems to have become extinct over the weekend much to my dismayÂ… maybe it will resurface soon. anyone know any other sites that are free & easy like this one?
    High on my own supply.

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    can't help you with sniping sites, but if you have a computer you leave on all the time (at work?) then is free and does the job...


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      hmmm, I just downloaded this to check out and it doesn't seem to do anything... no response to the commands etc. I'll give it a closer look later...

      I use Auction Sniper myself, Cal. Not free, but a fiver's worth gets you tons of snipes, no big deal really...


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        started having trouble with auction sniper (it did not let me log in anymore, bastard) and had to go for slightly less functional, but free for 10 days. so you'll get 10 days time to look for new sites. and let me know what you've find.


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          Are you planning on sniping a cheque to me at any point? Those records are still on hold for you, chap...

          I could spill the beans on the mystery Oz funk 45 at any moment...

          Oh, hang on - you don't even know what it is...

          Some blackmailer I'd make!
          There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...