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    Got Ramsey Lewis "Maiden Voyage" in the post this morning (slow off the mark, me???), and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I'm wondering what Charles Stepney productions anyone would recommend.

    I'm aware of Ramsey Lewis stuff like "Mother Nature's Son", Rotary Connection, Minnie Ripperton and Dorothy Ashby, but what other stuff is worth checking? The further out the better (I could happily listen to a whole album of those interludes on "Mother Nature's Son&quot and did he ever do any solo stuff?

    Thanking you in advance...
    There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...

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    Deniece Williams - This is Niecey.


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      Funnily enough I've been meaning to make a Charles Stepney thread for a while now. I'm interested in knowing what's worth checking out apart from the obivious Terry Callier/Marlena Shaw and those mentioned by Mr D.


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        Definitely the Phil Upchurch album 'Upchurch', including his covers of Crosstown Traffic and Black Gold of the Sun.

        Some of the Dells stuff is worth checking - but their output is largely soulful vox harmony based.

        And of course the early Earth Wind & Fire stuff.


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          did he actually release any solo works or did he primarily serve as producer for the aformentioned groups?


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            Don't forget the mighty Earth, Wind & Fire! Stepney knew Maurice White from their days at Chess and from Open Our Eyes until the death of Stepney they worked together. Their album Spirit is actually named in Stepney's honor. All of these have Stepney as arranger and co-writer.



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              don't forget Eddie Harris - Plug Me In.


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                Ramsey Lewis-The piano player-Cadet-1969 nice record.
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