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  • Atmos 107 - get ahead in funk ...

    Can anyone tell me whether ATMOS 107 (subtitled "Get ahead in Funk without loosing your cool&quot is worth getting.
    What else have the composers / musicians (Billy Conrad, Sam Keaton, Lati Kronlund, Steve Everitt) done ?

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    This sounds a bit recent to me - late 80s at the earliest.

    The only name I'm familiar with is Steve Everitt, who's a frequent contributor to the libraries these days, but I don't think he's done anything that interests me much.


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      I'm assuming this is very recent, relatively speaking. Lati Kronlund is a songwriter and producer. He wrote Alison Limerick's Where Love Lives.


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        I have a few funk themed 90s libraries on CD, but I don't think I have this one. Generally they tend to be pretty derivative... tweaked copies of well known songs or themes... which means they can end up sounding both funky and soulless. So I suppose these are okay if you wank some generic funk for that radio ad, but you won't find the invention that you do in many 70s libraries which weren't consciously trying to be funk.

        Steve Everitt did a track that I like called "Funky Invasion" on a library called "Kidstuff". It's a good alien invasion theme, but it ain't funky.

        There are also plenty of recent libraries that do a modern take on funky easy listening.
        It ain't shakey