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  • I love selectadisc

    Nottingham's best shop just came through for me yet again. Just been shopping for work-trousers in Muji, bought a couple of pairs even though I'm not too flush at the moment, left there feeling a bit guilty.

    Went up to Selectadisc to mooch through their 2nd hand section, did my usual Z-A search and in the 'C' section, none other than Lyn Christopher for a fiver!! Get. Fucking. In!!! I also got Gary Bartz' 'Follow The Medicine Man' for £8.95 (probably purchased due to the euphoria of Lyn Christopher). So, I'm well happy now. OK, Lyn Christopher's a one-tracker, but she has nice breasts and holds her value on the 'Bay.

    Selectadisc are also doing the Schifrin 'Dirty Harry Anthology' at £5.99 and that 'Roma Violenza' comp for £1.99 (which means they must be down to the last few).

    I'm running round praising the Lord like Duvall in 'The Apostle'!
    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    And me stuck at home working! Bugger...

    Great racks, though. In Selectadisc, and on Lyn. So I'm told...
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      Lynn's rack's rock, I believe.
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        Sorry to drag this thread up again.

        Today's bargain at The 'disc is Johnny Harris' 'Movements' DBLP @ £3.99.

        Anyone wants one, let me know. Failing that, go to the SoHo branch and help yourselves.
        Jet Boy stole my baby.


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          might have to pop in on the way home. i only have the boot at the moment, and the sound is a bit poor...