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Weird/unusual things you have found inside records

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    Originally posted by candiman View Post
    D, E, C, B, A, F
    (very close to your choice, I just thought there was too much spaces between the Bs and they could have been focussed on something else not each other).

    Together is the perfume for girls in love because MIXED WITH PETROL AND LEATHER IT MAKES THE PERFECT COCKTAIL.

    (My vote would go to yours though Babycart, brilliant).
    I like they way the couple in B are relaxed and laughing in each other's company. The lady in D looks a little nervous..

    That's a brilliant prize, though. Sports car, driving lessons, free petrol and loads of schmutter. They'd probably just chuck a few iPhones and spa vouchers at them today.


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      Well packed in a kraft envelope, more than a million french francs inside of this one :
      Click image for larger version

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      Took me a few months to realize the baby weighed a ton. Well one month too many anyway to be able to change my treasure in brand new €.
      I was about to produce a nice photograph with my big bucks coming out of the Colette as i still have them both but that's too depressing for a Sunday – Sorry.


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        A million French francs...?!! How much would that’d been worth?
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          We used to keep saying it that way even if a million Francs actually meant 15 000FRF in late 20th.
          (around 2 000£ of now)


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            So let me get this straight... you found £2,000 worth of totally defunct currency inside a record? Ouch.
            Spirit Duplicator—collectable, charming, affordable... and also socially networked on FB / Twitter / Instagram.


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                Here comes the ace one! A buddy of mine`s latest find.
                - Any questions?
                - No questions!
                DANCE TO THE RADIO


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                  I bizarrely found a mobile phone text conversation written out in biro on several pages of A4 between two people who appeared to be engaged in some sort of illicit love affair. All 'hidden' inside this:

                  Cheese Please Louise!!!



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                    Is there a thread for random 'art' found inside or on record covers? I'm sure there is but I can't find it.

                    Anyway here is a 'horse man' found inside 'Reggae Chartbusters' which makes a nice change from the usual glut of hastily scrawled Peni I usually find down the market. :

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                      found a break-up letter written on the inner sleeve of a Tonto's Expanding Headband album today

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                        damn, he just wanted a night off.. god, chill out Paula


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                          Depends on how much warning she gives him. First give him a chance to raise his game.

                          And of course there might have to be a bit of compromise,

                          Ultimately, if the relationship they have simply isn't the relationship she wants, then why not walk?


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                            Poor Paula. That deadbeat Tony's just stringing her along. She can't help being boring.


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                              He sounds like a wanker.

                              Tonto's Explodding Headband..??


                              Sorry, Expanding Headband.

                              Oh! Present company excepted, etc..

                              Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)


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                                I actually met the guy, I bought a bag of vinyl from him as he didn't have room on his barge. He was an old hippy really,
                                his records were mostly folk and early 70's stuff like Focus, Roy Harper and both Tonto LP's (there are but 2) He told me
                                tales of woe about the early 70's and crusty times with Hawkwind but I knew his lack of computer awareness meant he'd
                                never come across the inner sleeve here - he was so stoned (still) he would have forgotten about the letter anyway
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