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  • T.v. mikels "the doll squad"

    Hi Vultures,

    I was watching an episode of the INCREDIBLY STRANGE FILM SHOW with Jonathon Ross the other night. The episode featuring TV Mikels had a clip from the trailer for DOLL SQUAD (1973). It had some brilliant funky, flutey, breaky theme on it. Sounded very Chappell like. Anyone know where this track came from??? Anyone seen the trailer?

    God bless Fatso.

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    I've been a big Doll squad fan for years and always assumed the music was originally written for the film. The tracks in it are all thematic and indeed there is some good funky ones. The long fight section in the middle has great percussion, deep horns and great flute.
    You'll get it on DVD for pennies- pink with a Charlie's Angels-esque trio on the front.
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      i picked up a copy the other day for £3.99 on dvd.
      I want to go to the land of ooog!


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        I watched the film last night.
        Music by Nicholas Carras and the song at the end "Song for Sabrine" is written and sung by Solomon King.

        It would be great to have this score released.

        God bless Fatso.


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          Hey John:
          Thanks for the DOLL SQUAD sound track inquiry.
          We're working on a number of things right now.
          Did you know that the DOLL SQUAD theme song was nominated here in America
          for an ACADEMY AWARD? We made the top ten chosen, but didn't make the final
          Remind me again about that
          I do have the DOLL SQUAD theme on 45 rpm record, " SONG FOR SABRINA"
          Keep in touch.
          Kindest regards,
          Ted V. Mikels
          Library blog