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    I keep finding these 80Â’s library records, in really random places, and thereÂ’s always only one, in amongst the normal chaff. But the reason I found this worthy of telling you about is that, I hardly ever come across libraries when out charity shop diggin. But recently IÂ’ve come across a few. And theyÂ’ve all been 80Â’s titles that if theyÂ’d only been 10 years sooner would be fantastic.
    In the last weak or so IÂ’ve found

    Chappell AV series – Dramatic Brass (& electronics) all the tracks have very exciting names like, the quest, trailblazer, danger trail and force of evil. Dam if this was released in the 70’s it would have been some MADILLDRAMAHORNSTABSRAER, and sold for £ on ebay.

    Then I found

    Drumatics, on Rouge – a whole album of drum tracks, my eye lit up when I saw this one. Only to have my hopes dashed, when I look at the reverse. Title tracks, mm, movement, ethnic, militia, rock funk, (ooo beginning to salivate) only to check the full title, ‘a variety of percussive rhythm tracks produced by ELECTRONIC DRUM MACHINE) dam it!

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    80's are libs are really coming into vogue now - Normally full of mad syncopated drums and the like. I've got loads of the f**kers to get rid. <- Changed URL


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (sermad @ April 30 2004,11:38)]80&#39;s are libs are really coming into vogue now - Normally full of mad syncopated drums and the like. I&#39;ve got loads of the f**kers to get rid.
      Likewise, especially the Brutons. still have the top names but reek of that overly-produced-currently-&#39;uptodate&#39;-synthesised-sound ...... knew they&#39;d find a niche one day
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        I checked out my &#39;Web of Intrigue&#39; Bruton lp after seeing another post singing it&#39;s praise. whilst the music is good, I just can&#39;t get my head round the &#39;Diginumbercrunchingcalculator&#39; way these late 70s and 80s records are put together. Shame cos the same tunes pre 1975 would have done the job (for me anyway).
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