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    Final update before I go to Japan, got a nice little 45 up there to listen to. Thought I'd post a reminder to those who haven't checked the site since I started... there's something like 90 pieces up now!

    + For those who have never checked the site, it aims to be "The definitive resource and database of funky Australian + New Zealand vinyl on the internet. Featuring jazz, funk, prog, psych, soul, rock, disco, drumbreaks, soundtracks and more!"

    Thoughts, comments, praises, disses... all welcome!


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    Everyone has to check this site out. I've just spent an hour checking all the audio and reviews. Some ace stuff on there. That 45 #3 is cool.

    PS The Kerrie Biddel link to the audio isnt right.

    A lot is a bit too smooth-fusion for my tastes but hey its worth knowing what to pass on sometimes. I was really getting into the jazz/vibes stuff going on.

    Some faves were -

    The Great Mcarthy Soundtrack - Bezerk!
    Naturally Free - The cover is the biz.
    John Sangster - Not the hair one! Nice.
    Dr Tree - Yowzer! NEWZEALANDPLACEBO! Me want.
    SCRA - niiiice. I swear Ive heard this before. <- Changed URL


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (sermad @ May 02 2004,23:00)]

      Thanks for the heads-up on the audio and site, I appreciate it.

      Yes, my problem too with &quot;A LOT&quot; of the more well known Aussie stuff is that it&#39;s kinda too slick and sometimes corny. There&#39;s some heavy&#39;s out there though. You made a tidy little list of some good ones .

      Also, you may have heard that SCRA on O-Dub&#39;s mixtape... he put it on there. Let me know if you need a copy, I know where one is.