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  • Beat me 'til i'm blue

    Just re-watching Last House on Dead End St which is a nasty + trashy 'video nasty' type no. and Beat Me 'til I'm Blue is in it at a party (they loop it and play it twice actually) as some Egor type bloke whips a woman in black and white minstrel make-up. Bizarre.

    I also remember hearing a funky De Wolfe track in Death Wish, but don't remember which track now.
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    i was watching a documentary on Doris Wishman on the weekend. A clip from the trailer to DEADLY WEAPONS starring Chesty Morgan featured tracks off DRAMATIC BACKGROUNDS (KPM) was shown. Wishman used alot of music from KPM. I remember "Hellraisers" was used as the theme for ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER MAN.

    God bless Fatso.


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      Yeah, Dramatic Backgrounds is all over Deadly Weapons. I've never heard any of the tracks from Double Agent '73, though. Another Wishman classic is Let Me Die a Woman- there's some good bits of music in that, but I've never come across any.
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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] ]there's some good bits of music in that, but I've never come across any.
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          Anyone ever seen (or even heard of) 'Microwave Massacre'? About a bloke who kills people, then cooks them in his missus' new microwave. All KPM score, with tracks from 'Rock Spectrum', 'Links Bridges and Stings' and 'Tension & Suspense'. Interesting to see the tracks being used in something, often in quite an unexpected context - Clive Hicks' 'Traffic Cut' being used in a sequence where the 'hero' trashes his house and pees in the fireplace!


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            I have Microwave massacre in my attic so I'll dig it out! In terms of wierd... there's an obscure film on something weird called 'The Sinful Dwarf'. It has loads of Chappell/ Jack Arel stuff in it. It has mad jazz music over rape scenes and that lovely Arel track- No Man's Land as the Sinful Dwarf reflects on his mayhem at the end of the film! Also some really odd electronic music over the titles which is credited to Otto something or other I think.
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              there's a great funk track in Carrie too. it's on a street scene, some guy just walks down the sidewalk to a funky wah wah thing.

              it never came out on the LP and didn't come out on the extended 'unreleased tracks' CD from a couple of years ago.
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                That was a bit of an omission on the soundtrack. Probably was a library. It's the bit where the guys try their tuxedos on.

                Another KPM in giallo film is 'Funky Sunrise' (i think by Duncan Lamont). It's the opening titles to Torso, which also has the Deadly Weapons/ Dramatic Background buzz guitar one- can't remember the name. Tons of these cheapies used library music- Scream for Vengeance (BRJ 2 drama montage- bennett), Terminal Island (KPM 1172 (?) visual impact- Johnny Pearson), Delirium (aka psycho puppet - darkside - bennett), plus alot of Italian crime films used the better Bruton drama stuff. The trailer fro The Thing used a track from Age of Discovery, a latter KPM.
                Woah- way into geek mode now.......
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