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    Pink Floyd's "Breathe" with a funky drumbeat over the top of it. Sounded really good but I was too idle to go and ask the DJ about it. Anyone know what it is / where I can get it?
    Endless Tripe

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    it's on this: (on LP too)

    being a Ubiquity comp the theme is a little ropey and the liner notes are crap - supposedly covers of 'classic' tracks, but some are remixes of covers, and it's not immediately clear what's what.

    still, lots of nice tracks on there. not got vol 2 or 3 though. they didn't look as tempting, or i already had the most promising looking tracks...


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      Nice one. Ta.
      Endless Tripe


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        it'a cover, that one. although the vocals are very much like the original.

        the Rockers Hi fi remix of Ella Fitzgerald 'Sunshine of Your Love' is worth checking out too. if you're listening carefully it doesn't sound quite right or lively enough to be real batucada, but over a PA or whatever it sounds great. and the Gotan Proj remix of Chet Baker is very nice.

        while i'm babbling about remix comps, anyone else like the Verve Remixed Vol 2? a few tracks on there i really like, like the Matthew Herbert remix of Oscar Brown Jr 'Brother Where Are You'