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  • More reviews added!

    Added my record reviews to May. I've got a couple more to add tomorrow I think.

    Check it out on the main site. <- Changed URL

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    Mmm, strange. When you click it, it says Page Cannot Be Found. Sultan?


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      Couldnt work better here our bill&#33;

      What are you doing up this early?

      I went to the post office and then realised as I was out the door it doesn&#39;t open till 9. <- Changed URL


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        I&#39;m always up this early&#33; (Even though I haven&#39;t got a proper job.)

        All the charts are working fine, except yours. Any suggestions?


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          Ah my chart is buggered always. I need take that link down - Its the reviews Ive added to not my chart. Just make that clear.

          So went back to the post office. yeah about 100 people in the q. Giro day today?

 <- Changed URL


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            About the Soul Investigators and Calypso Kings:
            It&#39;s from Finland and there are copies in every shop here in Helsinki. If anyone wants to get this just PM me.

            I&#39;ll also have 100% finnish stuff on my easter mix tape and some of it is also re-issued and some has been released as 12&quot; by Jazzpuu label... Same thing goes for those. OG records can also been found but the prices... Well you know


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              Got an og &#39;oiling boiling&#39;?

              Jazzpuu are the shizzle. I think I&#39;m missing a couple so I&#39;ll PM when I know which&#33;
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                Semrad is that Leon Ware tune Why I Came To California and, if so, is it just a re-press or an edit?


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                  Do you mean the album Oiling Boiling (UFO.002) or the song Oiling Boiling which is on the Happy Jazz Band album? I actually have both, but won&#39;t trade those. OG Happy Jazz Band and Two Faces albums can be found pretty easily and there&#39;s also re-issue available on HJB. Oiling Boiling album is pretty hard to find.


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                    yep the &#39;oiling boiling&#39; lp. I know its hard to find.  

                    Bill - The leon ware review was done by sie. Looks like a re-edit.

           <- Changed URL


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                      re-edits I mean... The arrogance of them leaves me cold...


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                        Originally posted by [b
                        Quote[/b] ]re-edits I mean... The arrogance of them leaves me cold...
                        Thankyou&#33;&#33; About time I found a kindred spirit on that one. I even flinch from playing tracks on comps that are pts 1&amp;2 segued together. All re-edits of old tunes smack of arrogance and vanity to me.

                        I even get uncomfortable about pitching a record up a notch. Was it Ron Hardy or maybe David Mancuso who used to DJ at The Loft and refused to alter the record in any way, no edit, no mixing, no change of tempo. Just respect for what the artist set out to do. Can&#39;t fault that in many regards.

                        Kinda like painting some eyebrows on the Mona Lisa.
                        Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                          Mancuso. everything at correct speed, whole full length version played, with gaps between records. Ron Hardy was the opposite - messing with everything&#33;

                          re-edits can be good, like some of the disco re-edits, when they&#39;re just a subtle tweak here and there and the drumming irregularities removed so they can be beat matched properly


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                            I totally appreciate David Mancuso&#39;s approach and I&#39;ve enjoyed watching him play every time I&#39;ve seen him, but I just don&#39;t agree with this notion of the sanctity of the original recording.

                            Ron Hardy&#39;s mixes are amazing, even everything I&#39;ve hear is ropily recorded, but they&#39;re so exciting, and his edits are incredible. There&#39;s an edit he did of the Dells&#39; Adventure, in which he turned a 1 min. 20 sec reprise into an 8 minute track. It&#39;s brilliant.

                            The challenge for a good editor, I think, is to try and take original tunes that nobody would&#39;ve touched in their original form and turn them into a new track that people WILL play. That&#39;s when it&#39;s at its most valid.

                            However, I&#39;ve edited several part ones and twos of 7-inches together. If you&#39;re great at cutting, you don&#39;t need to do that. I&#39;m shit, so this is my way of doing stuff like that. And I still have time to skin up.

                            Really, where&#39;s the beef?


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                              Im with bill. Re-Edits are nice. You take out the shit bits and have a much better track or two sides to a 7 as one.

                              Also its better its called &#39;re-edit&#39; rather then &#39;&lt;insert-name-of-david-holmes-dj-format-etc&gt;&#39; tune.
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