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  • Ebony & ivory

    i'm currently being forced to listen to Wonder & McCartney's 80s cheese 'classic' Ebony & Ivory. though it is one of the most hideous records ever recorded, there's quite a nice little synth 'guitar' riff that's almost loopable. weird... just trying to make the best of a bad situation!

    anyone else had moments like that? finding something tasty in a crap rekkid?
    Chops for show, groove for dough.

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    Finding a draw back to your new employment already Ed ?

    Listen to <sigh> The Spin Doctors 'Spin City Theme' - great drums if they were open. In fact, not that I'm a great expert on their work (I leave that to Manzo), but the drumming the stuff I've heard sounds pretty tight. Shame the rest of the band is shite.
    Matt Hero


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      I've been meaning to loop up some ILL DOPE SCAT VOICES a la NOVI SINGERS that I found on a Huey Lewis record... actually I can't remember exactly how shitty the ill dope voices sounded but I remember thinking it would be passable with some filters and a bit of chopping.

      Also some synth drums off Fine Young Cannibals... I have a tidy collection of poor mainstream '80s pop that I bought on the cheap for one single theme party that I wanted to do a mix routine for. For the record, '80s pop is extremely easy to mix on account of being so metronomic... except for "Eye of the Tiger", which has some obscenely incompetent lapses in the beat... (try air-guitaring along to the intro and you'll see what I mean)

      Surely I can squeeze one more use out of them? No, not yet.