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  • Eq'ing funk music

    Question for the Dj's i guess, and kinda on the back of Nick's comment about sorting out the Eq's at Brillo. With loud and often dubiously pressed funk 45's (and some 'wild' moog albums) playing on a club rig i often find eq'ing those loud horn stabs and wailing hammonds difficult, i know that things depend on the system but some general pointers would be great. I want them punchy but not overpowering sending them to the doors :P i've played around at home but cant seem to get it right i've only got 2 bands of eq (low and high) is it something to do with the mids?

    Leading on from that, how do people prefer to eq any kind of record when playing out?
    working together for better bass and treble

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    the kinds of frequencies most prevalent on vintage recordings played at volume tend to reside in the 2k area (the upper mids). if your eq has a sweepable mid section, i'd suggest trying to cut a little at around 2k. this should give you a bit more of an open sound, but as you've said a lot of it depends on venue and system.

    if you can only deal with bass and treble, then you're slightly stuck. most venues have a crappy old graphic eq lurking somewhere, which would probably do the job.


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      Yeah, that's what I do. If you've got a difficult track, with those frequencies that offend the ear, just pull back on the mid on the mixer, if it has one. Over time, you'll get to know certain systems and what tracks to avoid playing on them.  If easing off the mid doesn't help, just turn it down a bit - always the best way... It's good to ease off on the volume sometimes, give the listeners' ears a chance to rest. They might not be aware of it sometimes, but it happens and then they just stop paying attention.

      ... and run out into the room regularly if you can. It all sounds different from behind the decks. Keep doing that and you'll learn the room quickly - monitors give a completely distorted view, I prefer to keep them off most of the time...