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is this the OG?

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  • is this the OG?

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    I'm</a> sure that the label of the original is red to the left of the line, and yellow across the rest. i suspect that this might be an early 90s repress/ boot. i have one just like it, and paid £4 for it about 10-12 years ago.

    i don't think crazybeat are cheating, i'm just interested.

    any thoughts anyone?

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    This is a second issue/bootleg?,I heard its something to do with Soul Brother records, I bought mine around 1988 for £3.50 in Manchester. Even so it goes for £25 - £35 now.


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      I think that by the wording in the description, Garry and co. know this is not the &quot;real thing&quot;. There's definitely no mention of &quot;original&quot; etc...

      So &#36100 + for a booty it is then....?


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        just check pete wermelinger's mighty funk and groovy lexicon ( as ever, it's a very good source of accurate information, and has great scans of thousands of our little 7&quot; friends.

        the label scan there suggests that the OG is as I described it: red to the left of the vertical line on the label, yellow to the right.