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  • Library question, trades

    Are any of these records worth picking up, they are part of a set sale/trade deal on offer, that ive just recieved, but im not familiar with any of the titles??

    1241 Technology & Movement..Keith Mansfield, T Cox

    1215 Flutes of Fancy…..John Fiddy, Duncan Lamont & Geof Castle

    1243 The Vorhaus Sound Experiment……Dave Vorhaus, Brian Gascoigne

    1236 Love of Life Tony Kinsey

    1254 International Business……Graham de Wilde

    1081 Cartoon Capers……..W Merrick Faran

    1202 Music of the Nations (France & Italy)….Janos Lehar; John Leach & George Fenton

    1216 Wessex Tales & Elements….Tony Hymas

    1244 Handplayed by Robots…..George Fenton / Ken Freeman


    Comedy close up No2

    Solo sounds Vol 2

    Little Mauve Tiger



    Boosey & Hawkes
    Background Music Film Radio & TV (X 4)

    SBH 3000

    SBH 3002

    SBH 3019

    SBH 3045


    Moods & Marches


    Production Music Disc No 3

    Synchro Fox
    SF 1027 Music for TV, Films etc.

    thanx in advance..

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    KPM1241 is early-80s science and technology synthesiser music, the sort of thing that should accompany animated graphs done on a BBC Micro

    KPM1243 is synths again, but more drama orientated. Used extensively as incidental music in 'Prisoner: Cell Block H'

    KPM1236 - lush orchestral, with a few more upbeat tracks, but nothing really funky as such. Maybe a little break here and there.

    KPM1254 - Disco orchestral, nice rip off of the 'Heart to Heart' theme tune, and a couple of early 80s-type breaks.

    KPM1202 - Accordions and mandolins, a couple of upbeat poppy tracks but nothing funky.

    KPM 1244 - more early 80s synth stuff, used in 'Prisoner' again.

    Hope that's of some use.


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      Thanks Lord thames, much appreciated, i dont think im going to pick any of these up, im lookin for librarys with at least, 3-4 tracks that are a good listen from start to finish, purely for listening pleasure etc, if you or anyone else is keen on these i can give you the contact details, im not exactly sure what he wants as far as trades or $ etc, but i have a feeling he is into prog/psych rock etc, which i dont have much of, cheers..

      [email protected]