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For those who thought i was a waster

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  • For those who thought i was a waster

    Just to prove that our wondrous (yet curiously expensive&#33 City Council does actually have the citizens' interests at heart, our Environmental Health bods have been doing a sterling job lately. Why? Well, Rob of Rob's Records has been told in no uncertain terms that the ludicrous, teetering stacks of vinyl/cardboard/plaggy bags/cat shit have to go....or else!!

    Yep, a Nottingham institution is under threat of closure for allowing things to get too Trebus. I was in there on Wednesday when a lady from EH was in there for a follow-up report and gave him a right ticking off! Those other VVs who have visited recently will know that there is actually room to walk around some of the shop now and - shock! horror! - we can actually see the MOR/Easy sections again!! The lady informed Rob that the 6-foot stacks of vinyl have to go, seeing as they're unsupported and all that and are precariously close to collapsing on some poor bugger. I believe she quoted a 6-week stay of execution (until next follow-up appointment), so if you want to see where all those Moody's are hiding out, they should start to be unearthed soon as Rob rids himself of all the cracked Elton John and Barbara Dickson LPs. Apparently he still can't bring himself to put owt in a skip though and has simply put all the shite in storage until he can sell it off!! Mentalist.

    See, it's all been buried for about three years and that was because it was 'unfashionable' stuff that he couldn't shift, and you know how fashions come full circle, the very stuff that he's hidden will be the very stuff that he could be flying out of the shop now.

    Fingers crossed he can sort it out (and not before fucking time) so that he can remain open unhindered and continue to provide the great service. But this should serve as a red alert to anyone heading for Nottingham in the near future, that at some point you'll actually be able to get to all the long-hidden goodies in Rob's. Give it a month and all will be revealed.....!!!

    See you down there some lunchtime.

    Jet Boy stole my baby.