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  • Putting the boot in

    I managed to get in a couple of hours at some booters yesterday and I came away with quite a good haul (I also invented a new rule in the Hammond Gold game... they have to cost 50p or less ...
    so that's three to me, then).

    But there was this one crate that I spotted just as I was leaving ... and in it there was: Tighten Up volumes 1 to 4, 3 of which were in excellent condition; some budget label reggae covers albums that looked worth a punt; and "Spoonful of Soul" by Jimmy Witherspoon.

    The woman on the pitch watched as I looked through the crate, selected the records, checked the conditions, and when I stood up to pay she said "I've decided not to sell them".
    Apparently she now wanted to listen to them. I suspect that she has spent the last couple of decades doing exactly the opposite. She had been on the phone as I arrived and the conversation was clearly about music (& I think value, with Frank Sinatra being flagged as a big money spinner), but she waited until I had finished looking and checking before she withdrew them from sale. Maybe she was hoping I'd finger the valuable ones (and yet I left all the Frank in it's place).

    I suppose I have some sympathy with her, because I find it hard to part with music. But then, I don't offer it for sale before deciding to keep it.

    Anyway, the result is a bit like the fiver on a fishing line practical joke: You see something you want, you think it's yours and then it's snatched away.

    This has happened to me once before. The only time I found a Happy Monsters, the guy said "Oh yeah, that one's not for sale". Fortunately a charitable vulture supplied me with a copy soon afterwards.

    Still, my girlfriend managed to find me a melodica, so I can take out my frustration on Augustus Pablo.
    It ain't shakey

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    Next time ask if she'd like to pay you a consultancy fee for your work...
    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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      Yeah, but on reflection, I might have missed out on the iceing but it was quite a cake.
      My finds included this mysterious beast which appears in Bongolia's studio2stereo discography as:
      TWO 252 ??? -- Rolfo
      It's a funky steel band album from 68 with Watermelon Man and River Deep Mountain High amongst others.
      Do you want need the full title Mike?
      It ain't shakey


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        Just go back, pick out a random number of Lps, wait for her to come up with prices, bag them up etc and then say "don't want them anymore" but like the guy in Little Britain.


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          I don't know whether you do this or not anyway, but the first question I ask when I get to a stall even before I start digging throught the boxes is 'How much are the records ?'.

          More often or not you get back a response of 50p or £1 and I don't give them a chance to see what I'm pulling - just proffer my money for how ever many I've found and make my exit.

          It's not entirely foolproof, occasionally they want to see what you've got....and I try to be as vague as possible, obscuring decent stuff amongst the seemingly rubbish. I can only think of a couple of occasions where I've had 'words' with sellers over being shady with prices, more often than not they are pleased anyone is buying things that they didn't think they'd shift.

          Even those stalls that attempt to price records according to their 'value' are easy pickings..... we all know how many things aren't in 'the book' don't we !
          Matt Hero


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            ItÂ’s a bit of a shame to spend your Sunday mornings poker faced and furtive. I guess itÂ’s a double-edged sword. Plenty of people like to pass the time of day (for example, there was one bloke yesterday who was a reggae collector and, curiously enough was just missing volume 4 from his Tighten Up collection) and IÂ’ve had a few phone numbers off people purporting to have loads of stuff for sale at home including Soul collections (IÂ’ve never taken anyone up on this, mainly because I never really know what IÂ’m looking for).

            On the other hand, I have just remembered another occasion on which this happened to me. I was chatting to the bloke, I came across an Ella Fitzgerald LP, I wasn’t sure if it was the funky one (it was), I said “What’s this like?” and you know the rest.

            Still, you live and learn, eh?
            It ain't shakey


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              ...See, if this was Matt's local patch, you could then visit one of any number of other sellers, purchase a high-power bb gun or samurai sword and get medieval on their ass. Assuming they've got an ass, obviously.  
              You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.