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  • ebay user question

    leon west
    userID: cratemolester (recently suspended)
    email address: [email protected]

    i ordered something from him about 4 weeks ago, paypal-ed the funds within the day. and still haven't received the vinyl.

    chased on email, no reply yet.

    anyone know this guy/ had any issues with him?

    this is my first ebay problem, and i just hope it gets resolved (&#36100 down at the moment!) i don't want to escalate it through the eBay police yet, just in case there's a genuine problem with the transaction.

    thanks for any advice.

    of course, if you see this, leon, please check your paypal account, and get in touch.

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    I haven't had dealings with him but SFDB Records are a UK hip hop label (home of Fleapit and Mr Spleen) so it may be the same person who runs the label going by the email address. Their website is so maybe that's worth a look (assuming of course cratemolester has anything to do with the label).



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      For whatever reason, I always stay away from bidding on his stuff, I dunno why other than just a simpe uneasy feeling
      about bidding



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        I always resisted bidding on this youth's stuff too. Something didn't quite feel right about it, mainly his descriptions (which were almost always identical).

        Before I go off accusing the lad of being a dodgy, duplicitous, deceitful Druid, I'd point out that he has sold an awful lot of library LPs and made no attempt to 'camouflage' the sales.

        It may well be that a production company, annoyed by what he actually sells, has had a word and stopped his eBaying for a while? I heard stories of this kind of thing happening, I even heard of someone receiving a threatening letter from KPM!!

        Give the youth a chance to sort it out, but don't leave it too long before you use the Safe Harbour/Square Trade thing, I gave someone the benefit of the doubt for a while and it ended up costing me over £40 in sale fees on items that were never sold cos the twat 'recordman' aka Nathan Martell never paid up!

        Good luck mate, hope it works out.

        Jet Boy stole my baby.


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          PayPal will look into it within 30 days for you! I had no response from a seller for almost a month until I complained through PayPal.


          why is that cd black?