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    A couple of other threads running at the moment are extolling the virtues of
    A Latin Happening with Tony Hatch
    Brazillia 70/Fiesta
    and the recent Lords of Lounge update has mentioned the funky Latin aliases of Ray Davies and John Gregory

    I know that there are saught after funky-latin-lounge albums out there like Nico Gomez - Ritual

    but what else is easily obtainable? And what's your favourite latin funk?
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    I totally love Dom Salvador's self titled LP. Expensive, but if you look around places like Reckless enough times, you'll find the 10 odd year old re-issue. Has the best version of Barumba I Know and Tias Macros (or something like that) with a very, very long drum break at the end - sampled by all the rubbish beatmakers.


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      Mongo Santamaria and Pucho - both pretty easy to get and solid stuff.
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        It's more jazz than funk or lounge, but I wholesomely recommend 'Soul Sound System' by Wayne Henderson, which appears to have received a recent re-issue. Killer heavy percussive latin arrangments all over this wicked LP!

        Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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          you don't have to look far...
          anything by SNOWBOY. simple to pick up and first class.

          Another fave is "been had" by SAPO more fusion then
          straight out latin but hey ... and a drum break to have ya creaming for years ..........
          Whats you're style ?


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            Ray Baretto... Cal Tjader... Charlie Palmiera...
            There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...


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              'Perez Prado Now' on Contour - and I'm not just saying that 'cos I've got a spare one!


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                Azymuth - S/T on Som Livre is a nice latin funky jazz album, turns up cheapish on the bay sometimes (mine was $30). Theres a good track (Melo De Quencia?) on a 45 by them as well (on polydor as i remember), saw it in MV exchange in Berwick Street £100
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                  I'm pretty big on chicano rock type stuff... Malo's 1st album is pretty much what converted me. All their LPs are pretty decent though unfortunately the 3rd one has escaped me thus far and it has "Street Man" which is just murder.

                  That Sapo tune is a banger alright but the OG is eluding me.

                  El Chicano "Celebration" is a recent acquisition that I've been thrashing a lot, plenty to like on there - shouldn't be hard to get either...

                  Recent re-issues of "Bwana" and "Coke" S/T are worth a butchers also.


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                    Mongo Santamaria has to be my all-time fav in this genre. I think I just about wrapped up all of his titles that I liked. He's a good start because a lot of his records are mostly covers.


                    In a similar vein would be Candido, another percussionist. I only have 2 of his albums, but he's got at least 2 others that are really worth while as well.


                    Azteca were a local Bay Area group formed by the Escovedo brothers.


                    Joe Bataan has a lot of records ranging from boogaloo to funky latin to latin-dance-disco. His Sweet Soul record I didn't really like at all and ended up selling. The Saint Latin's Day Massacre is pretty good.


                    Willie Bobo was of the same generation and was in the same groups as Santamaria, but I don't like his records as much. Do What You Wanna Do is by far his best and funkiest record.


                    Out of the Boogaloo players Joe Cuba is probably my favorite. He had 2 huge hits that get played a lot, Bang Band and El Pito. He's got a lot of records.


                    El Chicano is a classic Soul-Rock-Funk act. There releases were a bit up and down though. Celebration and Viva Tirado are my favs.


                    The Fania All Stars also had a bunch of releases, most of which were either straight Latin or more Disco-Latin. Latin-Soul-Rock is the best one of theirs that I've heard.


                    Armanda Peraza also seems to have a lot of releases. Wild Thing I just picked up randomly and it turned out to be pretty good.


                    I got more, but I gotta go to sleep right now.


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                      Thanks chaps. That should keep me latin funked for a while...

                      Lord T, I'll see if I can rustle up something for the Prez Prado when I offload my next load of chuff onto you.
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                        fight yer for it, Dr K! i already sent Lord T a PM...

                        anyone else got a spare? never seen this one in the wild...


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                          Oh yeah?

                          this lot out if you fancy a ruck.
                          It ain't shakey


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                            Originally posted by [b
                            Quote[/b] (dr kraken @ May 21 2004,10:12)]Oh yeah?

                            this lot out if you fancy a ruck.
                            Nice, very nice. Some of the UK's most upstanding young citizens there for sure.

                            On the same tip, you gotta check out this superb examination of "Britain's Burgeoning Peasant Underclass" - Chavscum!

                            Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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                              I'm down with Formigo's Latin Rock recomendations. Malo and Azteca are great and easy enough to find - Malo Dos is my fav. but I though Street Man was on the first Malo album

                              But the absolute best thing on that latin rock front is Chango's S/T album. There's a reissue on Akarma but I got it on ebay recently for $22 incl. postage. Worth it for the grooves even if the sleeve's rating was fanciful - I'm not sure where water warping on the back passes as VG+.

                              The Bwana reissue is good too. Or if you have cash to burn OG is £100+ in Intoxica.
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