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    This Eric Radcliffe, that played and recorded in the Bob Bernard band.... He couldn't be related to the Eric Radcliffe who was immortalised on Upstairs At Erics, the Yazoo LP, could he? He was an engineer, who recorded Yazoo, and many other groups...

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    that sounds likely. the interview mentions all the specifics - he was originally an art college teacher at Goldsmiths who built his own studio in the basement of his flat in south east london, and used to record/engineer all the local bands (including bob's). sounds like a good way to start in the industry anyway...

    more digging makes it look even more likely... radcliffe played guitar and bass in The Assembly and Fad Gadget in the 80s (he played guitar with Bob Bernard's outfit)... your radcliffe had a recording studio in South East London called Blackwing in a church in Southwark...

    here he is, looking a bit older than the other guys in the band
    Chops for show, groove for dough.