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  • Weekend finds in a'dam

    So went to A'dam for a wedding of a colleague of my girlfriend, very long and drawn out day so I managed to escape and hit a record fair. Did pretty well!

    Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy Old Music - Pretty awful LP musically but the drums on here are huge, as a bonus the back cover features a picture of the band with Mrs Mills! - Double

    Arrival - S/T - This gets described on the Bay as being Placebo like, can't see that myself but it does have a great version of Light my Fire amongst other things. - Double

    Jimmy McGriff - The Worm - Hammond organ heaven.

    Spin - S/T - Dutch rock band with a touch of fusion and breaks - Double.

    Christine McVie - The Legendary - And that's Saying alot.

    Labi Siffre - The Singer and the Song - Bossa, funk goodness - Double

    The Fourth Way - Werewolf - Funky Fusion with a violin.

    Ray Davies - I Believe in Music - Ray's best LP?? Heavy Water and Mach I make me think it is - Double.

    Trifle First Meeting - S/T - Great funky UK rock - Double

    Neophonic Orch of S.Cal - Great LP, loads of tracks inc. Neophonic Funk - Double

    American Gypsy - S/T - Classic LP with tracks like Golden Ring and many more - Double

    Cochius - S/T - This guy was apparently a tramp either after, during or before he recorded this LP, whatever his housing situation he produced a great funky flute LP.

    Michel Le Grand - Breezy - The Instrumental track Rockin' Chair is very funky. - Double

    Armin Rusch - Beat fur Verliebte - This is a great and very hard to find LP. One of the tracks was on an early nuggets Comp. So much on here. - Double.

    Jeff Cooper and the Stoned Wings - Tribute to Jimi - Couple of funky originals - Double

    Eberhard Schoener - Bali Agung - Weird lp of percussion and rhythms from around the world, some funky moments. - Double

    Oscar Harris and the Twinkle Stars - One great funk track "Relax Before Doing Sex" - Double

    Ides of March - Vehicle - Best and original version of the title track - Double.

    David Matthews - Live at the Five Spot - Joyce from the Bronx is big band funk - Double

    George Shearing - The Way we are - funky version of The World is a Ghetto, Aquarius, etc - Double

    The Invaders - Spacing Out - Unbelievable LP!!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!!!!!!

    Shame it's the reissue.  

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    what up wit dubs of American Gypsy? wanna trade?


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      Hey Illmod1

      I noticed you won the Boogaloo Combo LP on the 'bay. Can you please tell us how does it sound when you get it? I'm trying to make a trade with a fellow brazilian collector and i've already secured the other Boogaloo Combo LP, but, as everyone else, i'm really after "com muito ritmo". So, i am curious about it since i haven't heard the entire LP...


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        This weekend :

        Os Maracatu - Ritmos do Brasil (Festival, french LP)
        Various - Chico City (som Livre, Brasil LP)
        Conjunto de Samba de Balanço - Samba do Bom (Itamaraty, Brasil LP)
        Astrud Gilberto - Now (perception, US LP)
        Michel Legrand - Disco Magic Concorde (Imavox, portugal LP)
        George Duke - Brasilian Love Affair (Epic, US LP)
        Jay & The Techniques - Love, Lost & Found (Smash, US LP)
        Hugh Masekela - Grazing in the Grass (Portugal 7" EP)
        Rhythm Heritage - Last Night on Earth (ABC, german LP)
        Bohannon - Phase 2 (Mercury, netherlands LP)

        Blue Magic - The Magic of the Blue (Atlantic, german LP)
        Some arrangements by Vince Montana on this one...

        Billy Paul - Ebony Woman (Epic, US LP)
        Edwin Starr - 25 Miles (Pickwick, US LP)
        The Brothers - Disco Soul (RCa, US LP)
        O'Jays meet The Moments (Stang, US LP)
        Rare Earth - Back to Earth (Motown, US LP)


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          Ilmod: If you're interested in parting with the Trifle let me know.

          Buddah: what's the tracklisting on the Jay & The techniques?


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (ladyboygrimsby @ May 24 2004,10:49)]Buddah: what's the tracklisting on the Jay & The techniques?
            Here goes:

            side 1:

            Strawberry shortcake
            I want you so bad (i can taste it)
            Don't let it go to your head
            If i should lose you
            when love slips away
            i'm gonna make you love me

            side 2:

            Still (in love with you)
            You gave me somebody to love
            Girl i want to marry you
            Dig a little deeper
            Locked in (your love)