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  • Gene chandler // baby huey

    I was listening to the new Soul Jazz comp this afternoon, Chicago Soul (and very fine it is, too) and when Gene Chandler's In My Body's House was playing it struck me that it's almost identical (if not exactly the same) as Baby Huey's Hard Times. I think they're both penned by Curtis. How come they've got different titles, if they're the same? Am I missing something?

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    They're close but not the same (check the intro's - Baby Huey's is unmistakeable, and GC's music is ever so slightly 'looser', if that makes any sense). And 'In my body's house...' is the first line from the verse, hence the title of Gene's track, although I couldn't tell you why he renamed it, or who's credited as the writer. Gene's version is a cracker and about twenty times cheaper than Baby Huey's (thanks for the tip off Cheebs&#33.
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