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    During my daily perusal of the Metro I noticed that you can have "Blow Up a-Go-Go" (aka "Wild Elephants&quot by James Clarke as a ringtone - what next? Shady Blues?
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    hangs head in shame....

    being a new media whore I actually have to put my musical skills into effect and have composed ringtones for all manner of pop sh*t.

    I think shady blues would be ok - I might have a stab at champ or that nice brain bennett (god #### memory failure - orange bruton! help!)

    Hey for the extra saddo I could knock up some phone operator logo's but with library label graphics! haha.

    sad as f*ck. <- Changed URL


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      For sure...

      The Champ is already out there - I saw it in a ringtones book in a book shop believe it or not, but it could not be used on my phone.

      if you werk it out for a 6210 - I'd be keen Sermad
      She bent down &amp; turned around and gave me a wink - She said I'm going to mix it right up here in the sink[br]


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        the music biz is in a right tizzy about ringtones - these melodies are, strictly speaking, intellectual property so a license fee should be paid for their use.

        [gets off high horse]
        Chops for show, groove for dough.


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          funny you should say about champ... i think that might be my friend who put that one out there - he was testing a ringtones website he was setting up and needed to check it worked in spain... so he sent me &quot;champ&quot; and its been my ringtone ever since... i think the idea about the website was that you could get credits for composing your own ringtones if people downloaded them. anyone fancy doing &quot;jungle fever&quot;? :-)


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            Not sure I approve of all this new electrickery creeping in - maybe it's because my first exposure to Library was watching the test cards in the afternoons, it always belonged to another era. Plus of course you're messing with genius arrangements!
            Now this!