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  • What a result!

    I was slightly unsettled Friday evening, due to a comment from my brother, and i quote;

    my brother: "john gregory, do you collect his records?"

    my reply: "yes, why?"

    my brother: "a man for all seasons, is that any good?"

    my reply "it's only the john gregory holy grail, why's that?"

    my brother: "because i left one in an antiques shop today for £3, that's why"

    my reply: "your having a laugh, they go for £20-£30 on ebay"

    my brother: "best i go back tomorrow and get it for you"

    which he did, and in all fairness, my brother doesn't know that much about funky vinyl vulture type records, so i can't blame him for leaving it.

    secondly i got ADAM BEST WALL OF SOUND through the post today, via a trade, the reason i mention this is, there's a sticker on the front cover which reads "FANTASTIC OFFER, this L.P absolutely FREE when you buy any CBS 'GREATEST HITS' L.P at the regular price of £2.99" JESUS, THEY GAVE THESE AWAY!! can you believe it?
    I want to go to the land of ooog!

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    oh yeah i forgot to mention, i've got a lesser quality condition john gregory man for all seasons up for trade if anyones interested?
    I want to go to the land of ooog!