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Bongolia meets kung fu

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  • Bongolia meets kung fu

    Hi everyone,

    I was watching a chop sockey film last night called "Bruce and the Iron Fingers" from 1979. Just one of your typical kung fu flicks but it had a scene in a night club where a small band (guitar, drums and maracas) were "playing" Bongolia! Nice to see such a small combo sounding like a huge big band! Hilarious.

    God bless Fatso.

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    i'm still waiting for someone to release a proper compilation of funk tracks from kung-fu films---they could call it Kung-Fu Funk or some shiznit.


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      Heaps of it is just bootlegged from other soundtracks. Or just from anywhere, really. I've heard Incredible Bongo Band, Billy Cobham, Bond music, even the Enter the Dragon OST, all swiped. And of course "Ironside", quite famously now thanks to Quentin T. Heard the odd bit of library stuff used too, one MP2000 tune springs to mind off the amusingly terrible "Enter the Ninja".

      I'd really like to get some of the music from "Game of Death 2", I've got a "Tower of Death" soundtrack which is for the U.S. version but dissapointingly it seems to be different from the version of the film I'm familiar with. (The U.S. version has a different edit apart from a different name as well). "Tower of Death" OST isn't particularly good (good dialogue snippets though).

      Apart from that there's some good moments on some of the Joseph Koo soundtracks...