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God I love Being on Holiday Part 5

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  • God I love Being on Holiday Part 5

    Went down to my hometown today on the south coast and found these in the seaside charities:

    Chico Arnez - New Sounds of - Some cool covers, Whole Lotta Love, etc (Trade)

    Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Nancy and Lee

    Shirley Bassey - Something (Trade)

    Africa Bambaataa - Planet Rock (Trade)

    Chad Jackson - Hear the Drummer Get Wicked

    Frank Zappa - Hot Rats -Little Umbrellas is a great track

    Dudley Moore Trio - Today - Song for Suzy is a great dancefloor jazz tune. (Trade)

    Billy Vaughn - The Windmills of our Mind - Soulful Strut, etc

    Liza Minnelli - The Singer - Cool version of Use Me (Trade)

    Rediffusion - Stereo Sampler - Birds and Brass, Sort of Soul.(Trade)

    Jack Parnell - Braziliana (Trade)

    Monkees - S/T

    Monkees - More of - UBB break "Mary Mary"

    Dave Brubeck - Time Out

    Various - Tighten Up Vol 1

    Solomon Burke - The Best of (£35 lp!!)

    Various - The Harvest Bag

    The Temptations- Cloud Nine

    Dandy - Your Musical Doctor - Need some info on this one as I don't know a thing about reggae. This is on Downtown records which appears to be part of Trojan. Found 2 copies. Anyone know anything about this???

    Quicksand - Home is Where I Belong - Again don't know anything about this other than it books in RC at £30. Help please!!

    This last ones an odd one. It's an lp on Pickwick from NY covering three artists. Ocean, Biff Rose and The Jaggerez. Tracks include Put Your Hand in the Hand by Ocean and The Rapper by The Jaggerz. Anyone know what this is??

    You may be pleased (or devestated??) to hear that due to the shops being closed for the next few days there will be no postings of finds for at least 24 hours. Apologies to my loyal fans!! :wink:

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    Wouldn't mind a trade on the Planet Rock - please would you stick it aside and I'll send you some trades.

    Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...