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Dr. dre and dusty fingers?

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  • Dr. dre and dusty fingers?

    Some One Told me about this Article they did on Dr Dre for Scratch Magazine.

    A while ago some people disagreed that Dre Sampled from Dusty Fingers and Other Comps. So You may find this interesting. This is a picture of Dr. Dres Production Studio tooken from the Article.

    Now we know how Dre makes those hits

    You Can Read the whole article here

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    Don't know whether I'm being a miserable northern churl or something, but I'd take this guy a lot more seriously if he came on here and contributed occasionally rather than simply crowing about how great Dusty Fingers undoubtedly is. A little humility goes a long way in my world.


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      Nothing that 5 minutes in photoshop couldn't knock up. That photo looks as real as the images of the first moon landing!
      There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...


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        Isn't the whole point (or at least a large part of the point) of Dusty Fingers to provide material for producers to sample? And by sticking that album up for display isn't Dre just saying 'Yeah I use DF comps' and giving credit where credit's due?

        I agree with Bill though. It would be nice if DK contributed more to these forums. *cough* Daydream *cough*    


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          kraut rock ist nicht tot!