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  • I want to talk about telly

    So is anyone apart from Serms and I actually watching 24?

    It's a weird one this time round, kind of crossed with The Office. A typical hour has stuff like this:

    President: Give me an update on the situation, Jack

    Jack: We have a lethal virus in the city, Mr President, and Elaine from accounts is really getting on my nerves


    Jack: Look, I need to be out there finding the virus. Just let me do my job.

    Boss: Hold on Jack, you're not going anywhere. You've got your annual assessment scheduled five minutes from now.

    Jack: (sort of puffs a bit and squeezes out one drop of sweat through a pore, then turns to leave)

    Boss: If you go out that door, Jack, I'll have to give you a written warning.

    I think there should be an extra 10 minutes tacked on for the all-important last ever finale, like Friends and Sex In The City, where Jack goes to Paris and er, just stays there - except he does it 'dark', whatever that means...

    After 24, I'll be mostly watching Sex & The Wilderness - the trials and tribulations of three women trying to make it in a mountain man's world.

    This is all my damaged head is capable of doing today, Speedometer were so darn good that it put me in a right jovial mood... And a real nice 'grown up' soul vibe going on. Should have been more people there. I desperately need flyposters but am having trouble sourcing cheapest printers and finding the weird goblins that put them all up in the dead of night.

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    I watched all of the new series of 24 and it was ok. It peaked about 3/4 of the way through I think.

    The new sopranos season is just *incredible*. Last episode on sunday! canne wait!

    The OC was cool. Stupid kids telly innit.

    The new superman series was good too. Again stupid kids telly but it makes hangovers pass better. <- Changed URL


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (sermad @ June 04 2004,14:22)]The new sopranos season is just *incredible*. Last episode on sunday&#33; canne wait&#33;
      Are you talking about Sopranos being shown in the US?


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        Yeah. Hasnt even started showing in the uk&#33; <- Changed URL


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          i&#39;m not usually one for the goggle-box but you could do alot worse than checking out the re-runs of THE ASCENT OF MAN on the uk documentary channel (as we speak...) for some serious natural history backed with faux-floyd prime cuts of psychedelic jazz-rock.
          sermad seems like the right candidate to spot a couple of library licks. i&#39;m sure ive just clocked &#39;norma whitstone&#39;s voice a couple of times and theres a fair bit of &#39;nucleus&#39; meets &#39;placebo&#39; style musak creeping in and out..... oops is that &#39;egg&#39;?
          Broadcast must have been watching this shit&#33;
          kraut rock ist nicht tot!


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            24.........I tried to watch the first series, got half way through before I realised it really is a load of old cobblers.

            About as much tension in the elastic in my boxers .