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    I was just looking through the V V Library section, wooooooooo woooooooo and up came a thought, (fancy that !) If anyone out there wants any Library album covers for their site or whatever. Drop me a line, tell me what you need size wize and that'll be that

    I've got a few really good one's like Assignment London,
    a couple of the wild acid "Illustrations" LP's like Heavy Gravy, which is a killer record by the way.

    Am I bad for loving De Wolfe MUCH more than KPM ?
    Maybe I haven't heard enough of the great great KPM's.
    But there are som many De Wolfe's that are killer !

    But then there's the French IM Library, talk about wooooooooo woooooooo. Don't get me started om that kooky French psych, prog/psych, electronics, yum yum sound.

    I've also got a ton of the 10 inch De Wolfe's.

    My latest fave fave Lib has been for like 7 months or more now, PROTOTYPE (De Wolfe). Get it no matter what.
    The V V is always right.

    OK, thanks for the space -_-