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The best tunes to play at work

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  • The best tunes to play at work

    I work part time in an adult shop and the most responsive music I have ever played is 'electric mud' hard and mean full to max of sleaze it worked a treat, I took £450 before the 1st side was finished.
    Also jazz, easy and classic work well.
    One day I was playing the italian guitarist whose name slips my mind who was on studio 2 and the song was a groovy number called 'marble arch' when this customer informed me 'that's a bit tame'
    So I play that at home when I need to be tame.
    Mandingo also go down's well but not literally....
    there only noodles michael...

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    Claude Ciari - 'Marble Arch' is a great track!
    If the work I'm doing is particularly tedious, I tend to use music with a large string section - for some reason it makes it a bit less uncomfortable.

    I'm thinking about putting my two Muzak sampler LPs onto cassette and taking them into work to see if all the claims they make about the psychological benefits really work!