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Burning vinyl onto cd

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  • Burning vinyl onto cd


    can anyone recommend software that is relatively cheap for the purpose of putting vinyl onto cd? What does eveyone here use?

    Awaiting reply.

    God bless Fatso.

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    Which platform - Pc or Mac?


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (amino @ June 06 2004,09:15)]Which platform - Pc or Mac?
      God bless Fatso.


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        The cheapest way is to buy a soundblaster and plug the output from your turntable into it via a split y lead. You will also need a phono amp as you dont want to plugging the turntable into your amp and then taking it from there into your pc. <- Changed URL


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          I&#39;d never go directly to the pc with a minipreamp unless you buy something proper (atleast 50 euros).
          What I do is use a second output on my mixer, connect that to the PC and record with Wavelab or Nuendo. Acid or Soundforge will do the same job and Wavelab also offers support for burning the CD after you finnish recording.

          For proper recordings I&#39;d recommend a soundcard that is capable of 24bit recording. Not that you need 24bit for ripping vinyl but I&#39;ve made the experience that the slightly older Soundblasters have terrible converters and therefore make your recordings sound like shit. Don&#39;t know for the newer Soundblasters

          Hope that helped.

          edit:whoops, i was browsing back and found this post. didnt notice it was this old when i posted. Perhaps it still helps

          ..Your sporadic midnight poster..


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (sermad @ June 06 2004,11:01)]You will also need a phono amp as you dont want to plugging the turntable into your amp and then taking it from there into your pc.
            I was told that connecting an amp to the soundcard can damage it (the soundcard that is) Is this true?

            God bless Fatso.


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              good question, I've always had my amp connected to my pc soundcard...anyone knows for sure if this can damage it?


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                No, you won't damage your soundcard if you use the 'tape' output. This is a lower level output designed for direct insertion to tape recorders and a soundcard will work on a similar level. If you go from the headphone socket it will be too loud, and possible do some damage.

                I like the audacity programme, it is free and really easy to use.
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                  Agree about Audacity... it's a breeze to use and seems very reliable. One thing though - it refuses to work (on my system at least) if there's any other program open that could use the soundcard - Kaffeine, Xine, Mplayer etc. Shut all these down and it works fine. As for burning to CD, the only one I've used is K3B... minor irritation is that you have to be logged in as 'root' in order to write anything... may be fixed in future releases.


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                    I use Nero SoundTrax. It comes with the Nero Ultra edition. Seems to work OK. It will only do WAV files unless you purchase the Plugin for MP3s. I just use the WAV option. The SoundTrax software has wizzards for Vinyl-to-CD and Tape-to-CD transfers and is fairly easy to use. I have my main stereo system hooked up to my soundcard via the tapeout output from my receiver. I am using an Audigy 2 soundcard.
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