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    Whilst trawling through my records at the weekend I realised that my collection is heavily weighted towards disco/boogie, soul & hip hop.

    I didn't plan it that way, they just happen to be the genres of music I have stumbled across in quantity over the years.

    It got me to thinking, what do your collections comprise of? Have you an all round selection of different types of music, or do you specialise?

    Has the advent of e-bay narrowed your interests, with you only seeking out those elusive Conroys to complete your set or has it opened up a huge variety of artists and styles where you are buying Bollywood soundtracks one day and 60's garage singles the next?

    Are there some genres you completely avoid?

    Most people on this board appear to have a genuine wide ranging love of music, but since I can't go round all of your houses and flick through the racks of LP's/12"s/7"s I'm curious as to what they contain....
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    I was just thinking about this from a different angle the other night too - since my collection is ordered alphabetically it's obvious that 'M' is the most thoroughly represented, followed closely by the 'S's (and the 'L's are disregarded   ). Which letter is the hottest for you?

    But to answer your question Hayd, mine very much reflects the way my taste's have changed with time. Hence a lot of hip hop from about '91-'96 then easy and so on. But now it's pretty random, and I'd say that's because the web and eBay allows me to keep searching for wants rather than forgetting them (what notebook?!?), and I can actively hunt out things rather than wait and see if they turn up in an actual, real record shop. I'm more persistent these days. If there is a bias it probably is towards the easy and to funky rock and euro stuff, rather than funk and soul in the narrowest sense's. But my collection probably isn't that deep and contains maybe a few interesting bits from many genres, rather than going for anything in depth.    These days I don't buy any house, not that I ever bought that much dance music, and come to think of it, very little new music at all. Or reissues and comps (not that I'm proud of the last two statements). Anyway, at some point I will have to get organised so you can come and see for yourself.  

    (And Col and Dr. K have passed on your message - I'll email you in a bit mate   ).
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      My shelves have sections for:

      Hip Hop 12s
      Hip Hop Lps
      Jazz Lps
      Soul LPs
      Kooky stuff
      comps and re-issues

      and some 45s

      oh, and a small section of 'others' Bowie to Glass to Waits, general stuff. Apart from hip hop, there's virtually no contemporary music - never hear anything I like... hardly.


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        My collection is a constant source of embarrassment to me as it's so messy and disorganised - I'm always ashamed when I see the collections of others, like the Vulture lads and Mr D, and it's obvious they have a system and have taken the time and the care to sort the damn things out. I really couldn't tell you what genre I have the most of due to my unique 'piles on the floor' filing system.

        I agree with Rich on the Ebay thing - the 'bay allows you to keep a proper track of those 'wants' which crop up but Ebay is also good for throwing up randomness I find. I've often taken a punt on something whilst meandering down the 'view sellers other items' route and had some real winners (and some shite).

        I've been waiting for the 'there's only two types of music...' statement (and I don't mean Country & Western) as it's pretty much the case for me - if it's good I'll get it (or try to).

        Having said that I'm not too keen on house, late 70's onwards heavy metal, proper twangy the dog's just died C&W and 'worthy' world music type stuff.
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          do i have the most categories?

          LPs (in no particular order):

          Reggae 12s
          pre-Bebop Jazz
          Jazz comps
          Funk comps
          60s Soul comps
          60s Soul
          Other soul + funk
          Blues + R'n'B
          Weird + prog
          Downtempo/Electronica/etc (split into 12s, LPs, comps)
          Folk + acoustic
          Jazz and lounge singers (split into men + women)
          Easy listening
          African (non-afrobeat)
          House 12s
          Soundtracks + library
          Synth-y/early 80s kind of stuff
          Just kept for the cover

          and 45s: (been putting off sorting these out)

          Crap, weird + other

          it sounds fairly organised but still involves huge piles around my lounge when sections outgrow their allotted space...


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            Blimey, that sounds like a bloody record shop Mike!    I just have...

            Stuff A-Z
            Hip hop LP's
            Hip Hop 12"s
            Mo'Wax and trip hop (eeeurgh   ).
            James Last
            Stuff I haven't filed (probably a third of the total ).
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              My collection looks so shite at the moment as its spread over 2 houses and about 5 rooms between them. No its not some biz markie sized collection just how living in the cramped confines of *that* london affects your habit. Most back home home is everything collected from about '96 to '02 - All my crap libs, all my party toons and stuff like that.

              Up in the big smoke its all my heavy bits - OSTs, big libs, eastern euro bits, rare japanese major force. And 3 showboxes of 45s. And a whole cupboard of charity shop shite. I don't keep stuff I don't like so no soul, disco or boogie for me.

              Its rawk \m/, psych, trashy euro pop and other such record genres that make my housemates go 'what the hell are you listening too'.!
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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (bongolia @ June 07 2004,16:52)]do i have the most categories?
                Well, I could see a few problems with so many non-exclusive categories... but congratulations for having a whole section devoted to Hawaiian&#33;
                It ain&#39;t shakey


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                  &#39;Hair&#39; and &#39;James Last&#39; are great categories&#33;

                  also i try and split the easy listening into decent funky-stuff and the &#39;why am i keeping this?&#39; sort

                  was only about 8 or 9 years ago that all my records used to fit into a single cardboard box...


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (bongolia @ June 07 2004,17:19)]was only about 8 or 9 years ago that all my records used to fit into a single cardboard box...
                    How you&#39;ve grown&#33; Personally, I think the James Last category is the most worrying symptom of my problem but, even though they&#39;re mostly shite, there&#39;s no way I can sling them. I weed them out so they don&#39;t slow me down when I&#39;m searching through the unsorted masses.
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                      I have my collection organized by genres. All my vinyl is in one room, and all my cd&#39;s in another room.

                      I keep my vinyl collection divided into several cathegories:

                      Soul/Funk/Disco LP&#39;s
                      Soul/Funk Disco 12&#39;s
                      Post Rock
                      Avant Garde
                      Easy OGs
                      Easy Reissues
                      Contemporary stuff (breaks, house, dn&#39;b, general electronica) LP&#39;s
                      Contemporary stuff 12&#39;s
                      Hip Hop
                      Mo Wax/Jazz Fudge and the like

                      Then i keep a separated area for all my 7&quot;&#39;s and another one for all my 10&quot;&#39;s.


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                        I deffo have a hair, Jesus christ superstar and circle of sound section&#33;

                        They call me &#39;sadmad&#39;.
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                          i&#39;m absolutely amazed that people are / find the time to be so damned organised - i&#39;m really jealous&#33; would anyone like to volunteer to organise mine?  sure i could throw in a few lasts or hairs for the bother..

                          anyway, i got into hip-hop &#39;back in the day&#39;, started buying early house and techno around the same time, and eventually broadened out to take in the source material, eg soul, funk, jazz, african, rock, electronics, and so on.  

                          so i basically have two rooms into which are roughly divided :

                          12&quot;s - house / disco / soul / funk / techno / D&amp;B / hip-hop / electronic related / nu-jazz / breaks
                          LPs - pretty much the same again with a greater emphasis on funk, jazz and soul
                          45&#39;s - mostly funk / disco / soul
                          10&quot;s - mostly downbeat / electronica / some indie
                          oh, and a huge pile of charity / &#39;only like the cover&#39; records

                          the internet generally has broadened my tastes, in that sites like VV have exposed me to titles i would never even have dreamed of, and the likes of eBay and netsounds means i don&#39;t have to wait until a uk dealer offers a particular want. in general, this has seen a greater influx  into my collection of euro funk / jazz / psych, american funky rock and weirdness, and rarer uk jazz pieces, plus general pop and folk stuff.

                          there are, however, two problems :

                          i can never let anything go so my collection expands at a rapid rate (i buy new stuff too, though not CDs)

                          i can never find anything as it&#39;s not sorted by genre or artist, well not organised at all, really - just albums or singles.  one day i&#39;ll get around to it......

                          library lps and 45&#39;s. i forgot to mention these. these in particular the web has opened up to me


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                            Since I only started picking up vinyl again a couple of years ago, the only real category for records is that I keep the stuff I can&#39;t get on other formats, unless I just happen to find it on LP cheap along the way. Mostly (I&#39;m aware I risk being expelled from the board at this point) I don&#39;t mind having things on CD, but there&#39;s just so much good un-re-issued stuff out there that it&#39;s essential to have both.

                            I don&#39;t have any filing system at all beyond a totally subjective &#39;those LPs all seem to belong together&#39; kind of thing. So *I* know where everything is, but it&#39;d be hard to explain how it works to anyone else. You want funk/black music, it&#39;s all at one end, except the Chambers Bros go in next to Link Wray and Steppenwolf, Dorothy Ashby with Duke Ellington (who sits next to Sinatra, where the jazz bleeds into the crooners &amp; 60s pop...), and Millie Jackson (for some reason) goes in next to Claudine Longet... The main category is basically one huge &#39;Misc&#39;, really. Never thought about why &#39;Disco Dracula&#39; lives between &#39;Moog Power&#39; and the Holly Golightly LPs. It just seems to belong there...

                            It&#39;s a relatively compact collection, regularly pruned, and currently lives in a confined space, too: one rather nice 200 or so capacity record cupboard bought specially to house it. But at least three 50-capacity record cases have materialised in front of it, which are all nearly full, and shelves may need to be built at some stage. Thus it begins...
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                              well, i&#39;ve only got about 50 records or something, nothing like the roomfull that most people have. they&#39;re organised by A-Z, although library labels have a section to themselves within that, for example deWolfe in the &#39;d&#39; bit and kpm in the &#39;k&#39;.

                              the range of stuff covers vv-type easy funky stuff, some library stuff and early electronic music. i&#39;ve also been known to veer off into soft-psych territory and a bit of the old pentangle / fairport / paul parrish &amp; cat stevens folky areas.

                              there&#39;s also a wee bit of hip-hop from back in the day, but no real new music - i&#39;m too busy chasing all the old stuff&#33;