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  • Have a coke and a smile

    Product Placement sells owt!

    Surely it's not an auction when the opening bid is almost the same as the 'Buy It Now'?

    Almost as overpriced as selling 'The Height Below' for $40.

    Stop the madness!!
    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    'The Height Below' for $40. I need to put the reserve up on mine.  

    The thing is after PP came out prices went crazy before people realised the real rarity/value of that record. Now most people have worked out that about £10/15 is all you need to be paying but some haven't and boogiejuice is cashing in on that fact.

    Personally I couldn't live with myslef doing that but I'm all love and light so I'm not gonna bitch. Except about that cunt Ronald Reagan. I've never heard so much crap talked about one person since he went back to hell. Fuck that evil Satanic mas murdering soulless sellout Bohemian Grove attending scumfuck wanker!!

    Sorry. Need to do that really bad.    


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      Tell me when Lord!
      Jet Boy stole my baby.