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Hf&s june 10. guest dj: ollie teeba

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  • Hf&s june 10. guest dj: ollie teeba

    WeÂ’re proud to announce that Hot, Funky & Sweaty is going weekly!

    So now thereÂ’s no confusion: the best funk bands and funk DJs in the land can be found in Angel, North London, once a week.

    In between the live bands, we’ll be featuring some extra-special guest DJs, starting with Ollie Teeba – one half of The Herbaliser. You’ll usually find Ollie packing them in by the thousand all over the world, but he’s made a special exception for HF&S, to bring it home in our quaint little spot! You may usually associated Ollie with turntable wizardry, scratching the crap out of some hip hop classics – but he’s got the killer funk 45s too. I expect we’ll get big dollops of both. Rest assured, it’ll be a killer night you won’t forget in a hurry.

    Hot, Funky & Sweaty. Every Thursday at The Salmon & Compass, 58 Penton St (corner of Penton & Chapel Mrkt), Angel, London N1. 8pm-2am. £2 (cheap&#33

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    Everyone knows this is weekly now, right? As in it's on tonight - IT'S ON!

    Come see how small the herbaliser really is.


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      how'd it go nick? couldn't make it down as i was seeing my dear mother off to heathrow.
      High on my own supply.


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        It was quiet. Elbow Rooms across the street had the Scratch Perverts. They had pieces in Time Out etc, pics and all and they were quiet too. We were also in Time Out, in the right section, saying the correct things for once.

        Sometimes Angel just goes dead like this, weird.

        Still, gotta keep plugging away! July 29's HF&S will be celebrating 30 years of Fryer, complete with Keb, Ian, James & Gerald guesting as well as the wee Scot and myself... never give up!


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          July 29 HF&S sounds huge! see you tonight & i got a that record for you -
          High on my own supply.