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    Is there owt else on the Double Gold label I should be looking out for? I've got the London Moods Orchestra 'Lush Sounds Of' album, but what else is there?

    I've heard a very odd cover of 'Eleanor Rigby' from a Double Gold record, but I don't think the artists were credited. It was unlikely to have involved our old friend Pete Moore, by the sounds of it.
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    I think most (if not all) of the Double Gold label's output is basically recycled tracks from other LPs - there's a 2-LP Hammond organ set that's just the Deacon LPs 'Hammond Fever' and 'Help Yourself to Hammond' repackaged.

    Double Gold were an offshoot of Enterprise records, who tended to fish in the same talent pool as Avenue, Windmill, Deacon et al, so chances are it's probably quite easy to find their stuff on other labels.

    The only other interesting thing I've found on DG is 'Solid Rocking Music', which is basically yer bog standard TOTP style covers LP, but has the only cover version of 'Fire' by the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown I've ever heard!


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      Thanks, Lord T. On the subject of recycling, 'Ride On' from the Lush Sounds LP has resurfaced on the new Rediffusion comp, 'Soundsational' (or one of the samplers from it at least), but is credited to Pete Moore and his Orchestra playing 'Green Onions'. Does this mean it's on PM's 'Exciting Sounds of Tomorrow', or is this a new bit of overlap?
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        Yep - most of the tracks on LP 2 of the LMO LP are nicked off 'Exciting Sounds Of Tomorrow', as it 'appens.

        And apparently the LMO version of 'The Good The Bad and the Ugly' is pinched from Alan Parker's 'Guitar Fantasy' LP - I've just borrowed someone's copy of 'Guitar Fantasy', and it's great!