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  • Weddings!

    Just spoke to a guy who was telling me he dj's at weddings whenever he can. I was pondering why until he said he gets about 500 squids per gig.

    Now that is pretty tempting stuff and could easily be some nice cash towards some big ole trophy pieces you wouldnt otherwise buy.

    Aside from playing mind numbingly bad music and getting the mic for a bit...what other downsides to this are there?

    He said you get lists from the bride and groom a few weeks before the gig so you have time to get those tunes - But with soulseek and the like its pretty darn easy to get this tunes and just whack them onto cd.

    It would also be kinda fun rocking out some James Last for the old dears there. <- Changed URL

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (sermad @ June 11 2004,15:45)]Aside from playing mind numbingly bad music and getting the mic for a bit...what other downsides to this are there?
    equipment. van. pissed-up guests. fights. abba. will young.
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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      I&#39;ve got a mate who makes a good living doing this, plus djing in pubs etc.

      The downside seems to be that you end up with no social life because you have to work every night / weekend.
      Endless Tripe


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        Equipment easy. Got decks + mixer already. PA you can hire for about £30. Done enough office parties there.

        Van&#33; Who needs a van when you&#39;ve got the merc.

        pissed up guests&#33; I can cover me decks in cling film.

        fights&#33; No worries there. I go fighting twice a week mate. Havent had a good ruck for a bit mind.

        Abba. Seriously seriously no excuse there.

        I guess some ear plugs are in order? <- Changed URL


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          serms, how on earth would you cope during the bit where the bride is supposed to dance with her dad to &quot;the lady in red&quot; by chris de burgh?

          that&#39;s what happens usually, doesn&#39;t it? not that it happened at my wedding, thankfully.



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            Ere mate, play some northern or disco&#33;
            Endless Tripe


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              I really want to be a wedding dj so I can be like that guy outta Phoenix Nights...

              Take my breath away...............naah na nah na naahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........naah na nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

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                Doing one with my brother tomorrow, getting slightly worried as there are 170 people.... Groom is 10 years younger..... Fretting trying to think of the most &quot;friendly&quot; tunes to play.... Hope they are all slaughtered by 9.00........ Have no pop tunes to play....... Could all go very wrong.....

                Still he asked us&#33;
                For folks sake!


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                  If you are desperate and really need the money, you will just have to put up with shit. But since you already drive a Merc (a station wagon, I imagine) you are not desperate and can be selective. When I did this kind of stuff during my time at university, I got gigs only through word-of-mouth and by people hearing me spin at one function and booking me for the next one. Start with people you vaguely know and build it from there. Before you know it you&#39;ll be the like this guy. (make sure you click on the link).


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                    Dude I do drive a merc but its worth about £50.

                    Seriously it would cost me money to get rid of it.

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                      Originally posted by [b
                      Quote[/b] (sermad @ June 11 2004,16:26)]I really want to be a wedding dj so I can be like that guy outta Phoenix Nights...
                      the one with the mullet  &quot;ray von&quot;


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                        Serms, have you gone completely mad? You&#39;re kidding though, right?

                        I get asked to do people&#39;s weddings frequently and I always say no. They&#39;re not like getting hired for private parties etc, they&#39;re a fucking minefield - a lot of over-emotional people all with different expectations. Even if you know the couple getting hitched, it can still be a disaster&#33; Just stay well away - those Phoenix Nights DJs are a ton more professional than anyone realises.... &#33;

                        Ray Von&#33;



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                          Yeah, I&#39;m with Mr. Cope. That&#39;s fucking maddness. Been there done that and will never do again. Minefield is just the word.

                          Yep, you get good money out of it, but hey that shit you are getting... No way. First you need to talk with bride and groom which is pretty fun stuff and you&#39;ll go and take with you what they wanted and also some good music to play between their hopelist. Then you will have these drunken maniacs which would like to here what ever from side to side and if you don&#39;t have those you&#39;re the world&#39;s baddest dj and fucker of all times. Basicly you will end up taking with me loads of best-of-the-80s and best-of-the-90s collections with couple of collections of evergreens from the past and you can maybe manage.

                          Then there is this mental thing. You&#39;ll start to drink too much on those nights, you&#39;ll get in the really bad mood and for the end - you&#39;ll get BORED till death. That job is fucking boring - you just sit there between people you don&#39;t know and usually don&#39;t even want to know, you look through you&#39;re records and think what lameness you&#39;ll play next, you take hopes from drunken idiots who thinks that Rick Astley is still so hip, you just wait and wait for the end of the night when you can just take your equipment, money and run and drink too much in the late night hours of home.

                          Thou, did some gigs with a friends and it was much better when you have a mate to chat and laugh with for the peoples desperate hopelist


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                            And it&#39;s Hi ho silver lining.
                            You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever,
                            but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.


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                              I find that when in a situation where you&#39;re obliged to play loads of horse-shit, you can keep it interesting for yourself by attempting to mix everything &quot;technically&quot;. So to speak.

                              80s stuff in particular is ridiculously easy to mix. Compared to funk, anyway.

                              (EXCEPT &quot;Eye of the Tiger&quot; because those clowns couldn&#39;t even play their instruments in time)