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    Hi u all

    Yesterday i got some stuff at the flea market including a french pressing 7 inch of The Power Pack, including a great rendition of Oh Calcutta! b/w an incredible Soul Searching (composed by Nick Ingman). This record was produced by Norrie Paramor. What i want to know is: is there an LP by these guys? I would like to have it...



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    I didn't know there was a 45 of this ! Yup, the LP is called 'Soul Cure' also on Polydor - I managed tp pick one up on one of Rich and I's road trips just before Christmas for a couple of quid.

    Nice versions of among others 'Watermelon Man' on there and well worth a few quid.

    The Lp is a Norrie Paramor production, but with Nick Ingman, (gasp) Tim Rice and I think Peter Vince doing the arrangements.

    Not to be confused with Stockports finest 'The Power Pack Orchestra' who's work is best left well alone. Trust me on that.
    Matt Hero


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      Thanx for the info. anyone ever seen one on the bay? don't think there's another way to score a copy...


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        I've been checking regularly since I copped the LP for any other copies or other items to no avail. It's a major label item so it shouldn't be *that* rare surely ?

        Matt Hero


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]Quote: from Matt Hero on 6:26 pm on Mar. 17, 2003
          It's a major label item so it shouldn't be *that* rare surely ?
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          ah yes - like the Gentle Rain album, I suppose.
          I picked up the last Soulman mix cd - my first ever 'breaks' mix, actually - and the Power Pack LP is on the cover - but with a different sleeve to mine, maybe a different country?
          We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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            As soon as I posted it I thought of 'Gentle Rain'. Makes you wonder where they all went huh ? I'm guess that they wouldn't have relased many less than say 10,000 or those titles. Any ideas of what the runs were of those sort of titles ?

            My copy of 'Soul Cure' is somewhat literally a bottle labelled 'Soul Cure' being sampled by a woman 'cheesecake' style. Run out ideas in the photo studio boys eh ?
            Matt Hero