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Friday june 18: boogaloo investigators gig#2

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  • Friday june 18: boogaloo investigators gig#2

    Friday June 18: The Boogaloo Investigators Live!

    The Eye, 79 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 8EL

    DJs: Nick.C, Pete Beaver, Callum James.

    8pm-1am (last entry around 11:30) Entry: £3.

    A special one-off extra gig for The Boogaloo Investigators, after what will surely have been an ultra-heavy night at Hot, Funky & Sweaty the night before!

    This place is a little bigger, has a nice stage, a great PA – even a sound engineer (and a bloody good one too). So you’re talking quality sound here. Plus of course, some excellent funk 45 DJs. Where are you gonna find this in London on a Friday night for £3? Answer, nowhere. Because this special one-off gig is purely for the pleasure of hearing outstanding, late 60s style funk/r’n’b.

    Give your support and help keep decent music alive by turning up - maybe even buy the Glasgow lads a beer! It sure would be good to get some decent sounds in Stoke Newington – show all this Indie shite how it’s really done!

    Extra info: 020 7923 7781
    Boogaloo Investigators website:

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    Seriously though, come down Friday. We need to fill this place! I'm only doing this to help out the band and it's become a nightmare cos the old manager left and I'm now dealing with your standard venue attitude (which is shite)... I'm probably gonna miss them myself cos I'm left doing the bloody door...


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      They played here last night. Unfortunately I missed them due to work commitments.

      And I thought working from home was supposed to give you more free time  
      Back to Neuuuuuuuuuu!


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        so who's going, and tonight or tomorrow?


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          I'm going both nights. Gonna try drag some people up there tomorrow!
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            yep, me too, both nights. sermad - i&#39;ve burnt you a copy of xingu&#33; bring down the aussie ost&#33;
            High on my own supply.


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              Basically, everyone freaked. I&#39;ve never seen such a crowd reaction for a band down HF&amp;S before (&amp; I&#39;m not just saying that). You need to check them today, as in tonight...


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                They were AMAZING&#33; Truly truly fantastico&#33;
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                  Originally posted by [b
                  Quote[/b] (sermad @ June 18 2004,10:53)]They were AMAZING&#33; Truly truly fantastico&#33;
                  Top show - proper hard dirty maximum RnB

                  + great sounds from the DJs ...Nick and Dean-o...take a bow&#33;