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    the things that get left behind, fall through the cracksÂ… makes you wonder about what else we leave behind. kind of similar to finding a really interesting old record and wondering how the hell it came to exist. really interesting stuff -

    to do
    turn in library books
    find out about college
    mails dad's shit
    pay bills in advance
    write crystal
    hide guns
    get medication
    do taxes
    sew pc up
    change addresses
    pay columbia bill

    and anotherÂ…

    dear jessica,

    i have a couple of questions.

    1. would it be to early to start holding hands

    2. am i at the "honey point" yet?

    3. let me know if i'm rushing you, ok?*

    *Thank you for saying yes. The usual answers i get are: no way, are you stupid, no, i already have a boyfriend or sometimes i'm too damn shy to ask a girl out.

    i haven't had alot of girlfriends yet but teach what to do! and what not to do! please!
    High on my own supply.

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    That site's great Cal. It reminds me of the slightly odd feeling I get at boots when I'm rummaging through the contents of peoples lives - they've piled their last thirty years into the back of the car then unloaded it for us punters to pick over.
    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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      I used to have a Post-It note stuck to my wall that I'd found.

      It had "POPICISE" scrawled on it in a child's hand.

      I'm into this shit.