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    My given name is Lee and I'm quite old and seem to be getting fatter every day despite my best efforts to the contrary. I'm originally from Crewe but have settled in Edinburgh (via the Midlands).

    I've been buying records for about 25 years and playing them to people to try and make them dance for about 15 years (on and off). I have a very dull job in a large corporation but the salary comes in handy when supporting two kids and a record habit. My only other real hobby is, unfortunately, quite expensive too - snowboarding (why couldn't I have gotten into darts or something cheaper).

    I found VV way back when it still had the spangly background and became a contributor shortly afterwards. I knew nobody when I first signed up but I've subsequently met lots of top people (and had some great records off them) and am constantly astounded by the knowledge which is dropped on a daily basis.
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      I'm lionel;

      I live up north (finally settled), and found this site looking for Johnny Harris sleeve images. I ended up with more than I bargained for - an excellent site if I may say so.

      I put my hand up and confess to being one of the "observers" - I must look-in at least once a week, but rarely join in with the threads.

      Perhaps I'll make the effort in future - my collection of s is modest compared to some here, but I usually have a tune in my head (currently "float on" - thanks Emperor), and enjoy the and on these pages.
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        Hi, I'm Mark and I'm a teacher. This accounts for the fact that I always seem to be on holiday, visiting some far flung place to record hunt and go diving.

        Like everyone on here my tastes are pretty ecclectic, however, I am partial to bit of Euro jazz and funk.

        Been a regular at the Brillo meets which grew out the London Underground meetings with Belson, Si Cheeba and myself being the original trio there. Don't get along to many Hot Funky and Sweaty nights unfortunately due to 24 kids being a bloody nightmare with a hangover!!

        Buy and sell a lot on Ebay to feed the habit picking up bits in Charities for cheap and then peddling them to the rest of the world.

        Can't remember how i came across Vinyl Vulture, but i'm glad I found you guys


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          I'm Dave, 25 years old and I live in Bath. Am I one of the youngest here? It feels like it sometimes and I certainly feel out of my depth at times with the sheer amount of knowledge that some of you vultures have!

          I'm still trying to figure out how to make a living as I'm currently self employed and do many part time jobs including being a DJ, writer, artist, sometime promoter etc. Most of the money I do earn seems to go on

          I'm into all things funky and that covers a lot of stuff. When I DJ I usually play Funk, Hip hop, Ska/Dub/Reggae, Soul, Electronica and whatever else I think will fit.

          I first found this site by accident through Google and I was pleased to discover that I already knew another vulture - Dr Rubberfunk


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            ooh, i don't think i've ever introduced myself, very remiss of me.

            i'm darren, live near manchester (stockport - don't ask) and have a very dull IT job, which allows me to scour the net endlessly in pursuit of ever more obscure records. Âin fact, that's how i found this site, come to think of it, searching for library records. Â

            i also fanny about with freelance writing and can, on the odd occasion, be found propping up a pair of decks under the pretext of djing.

            been collecting records for about fifteen years or so now. Âmostly funk / jazz / hip-hop / disco related, and then the usual sub-genres of the word "funky" (psych / library and so on). Âi buy new records too.

            i'm aware of other sites' forums but don't tend to participate, partly due to time constraints, but primarily because VV satisfies all my needs in that department. Âfriendly, knowledgeable and musically open minded, as most have already said.

            met a fair few vultures already, those who are north of watford anyway. great stuff - and i'm still alive to tell the tale! Â Â

            now i have a car i might even be found to venture to some nights like brillo!!


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              My name is Antti. I'm 30 and work as a producer/team manager in advertising agency which I also partly own. I live in Finland - to be exact I live in Vantaa which is pretty close to Helsinki. I have lovely girlfriend and nice garden with really bad result trying to make it something special.

              I found VV years ago and finally ended up clicking the trades link last year and started to post on here round january. This has been one of the easiest boards to be with cause you people are so active and helpfull. Tried Soulstrut for couple of weeks and didn't like the feeling in there.

              I have some 5000 records with various categories and I have some 13 years behind with serious collecting. I used to play shit music for shit people years ago, but finally get out of that cycle. Now I'm up with jazz, ost's and more progressive stuff - I also collect Finnish covers from 60's and 70's and all who joined the eastern mixtape swap will get their share of those I'm also big fan of Studio 1 and Coxsone sound. I'm not so much into late 70s and latter reggae.

              Nowadays I'm working too much - again as in my good old days in IT life Â- and I only go to record stores once a month, but I activly try to visit few flee markets with good scores on vinyl and pop antik stuff. I used to visit eBay daily five years ago, but haven't had much time for digging-the-bay for ages. I'm always saying that there are too many records on my shelves that I haven't listened so I'm happy with stuff that I have.

              I also have this hobby with black and white photography with darkroom in my appartment. I finally I have this sickness with Saabism - I have three Saab's and here's the latest found (actually I found it few years ago), which I'm finally working with.

              <-- And no, it's not me on that avatar. It's legendary Otto Donner - Finnish songwriter.


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                Hello. My name's Ian, I'm 29 and live in Sheffield, though I'm originally from the dirrrty south. I've just started working for a large IT asset management company. It's so dull it's ridiculous.

                However, by night I become Vibra, beat-maker, record-breaker and ass-shaker extraordinaire. You can find out more about all this at the website for my record label below. Except the ass shaking, which is a separate, altogether more personal thing.

                I've been buying records since 1983, dabbling with deejaying and producing music since 1990, and consider myself having become a record collector proper since the early half of the 90s. I collect allsorts, as sometimes I'm after records to play out or add to my collection, and other times I'll be looking for sounds to sample. And sometimes I just buy records because they're there.

                I must stress that I do like other things too though - cinema, modern and contemporary art and getting pissed up on booze. I just don't seem to find as much time for the movies and art as I used to.

                I used to be a man trapped in a woman's body - but these days she won't let me anywhere near her.

                Take my wife...
                Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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                  Surprisingly, my name is Martin. I am 30 years old and I work as a Graphic Designer in Northampton. I discovered VV about 18 months ago, was probably looking for stuff on library records when I found it, and then spent a good couple of hours trawling through and having a right good laugh.

                  My tastes in music stem from the golden era of Hip Hop (84-92) and also encompasses Funk, Jazz, Soul, Broken Beat, blah blah blah.

                  I've yet to meet anyone from the board... but despite this sometimes I feel that I'm amongst my closest friends... aah.

                  (Where's that 'throwing up' icon when I need it)?
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                    Hi, my name is Jonny 'Cuba' Morris I live in London. I am a trainee electrician (the oldest apprentice in the world) at 31 years of age. I love records and collect a few bits here & there.

                    p.s. I talk to animals
                    Go on wit'cha bad elf


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                      My name is Tom, 24, I've been "lurking" around this forum for ages but have started to come out of the shadows since I met Andrew (soul-fiend) in an oxfam last summer and started to go to some of the brillo nights.
                      I don't usually post unless I have something useful to say (which isn't often), with the serious weight of knowledge here, feel a bit out of my depth too. I do check the forum most days though and have learnt a hell of a lot from it!

                      got my first turntable about 10 years ago, started DJing and sampling/digging when I moved to London (Ealing) 5 years ago. I've got around 3000 records, about 1/3 of that is library stuff that I picked up in one big score, another third is hip-hop (old skool, UK, underground, etc) and the rest is random, lots of sample material. since meeting andrew and other vultures I've been heading in a psyche direction (no suprises).

                      Just about got to the stage where the tracks I've produced actually make it onto vinyl which is good as I spend most of my life looking for samples and chopping them up in my mpc/sp12/s950



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                        Hello there. Some brief points as I'm late in and you're probably tiring of reading { &java? }

                        1. I found VV off Sermad's site when I was looking for info on Alan Tew's Drama Suite ( I think ) maybe 2 years ago ( ? )

                        2. I used to post as ConfidentBob but changed ( back ) to mr_hopkinson when the forum design changed.

                        3. I provide the custom smilies and some occasional jokes, as despite posting from a room full of musty vinyl, I mostly can't compete in the phenomenal knowledge stakes here.

                        4. Oh dear, this isn't brief after all.

                        5. I don't drive so don't see many booters, but I've been a regular charity shop trawler for 10/12 years mostly after spoken word bits and/or beats and loops to mess about with.

                        6. When I have money it goes on records - if I leave the house I come back with records, if I don't leave the house I'll get some on the net.

                        7. But I've never used ebay, or have spent more than £20 on a , also never sold any once I've got them ( they would all be too 'well loved' to be worth anything anyway I suspect! ).

                        8. I once played an hour long set in Bristol's Level club using only exercise records.

                        9. I like it here, It's friendly, informative and funny here.

                        10. Finally, I'm done now.

                        Laminated with Clarifoil™

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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] (lionel @ June 22 2004,16:41)]I put my hand up and confess to being one of the "observers" - I must look-in at least once a week, but rarely join in with the threads. Â

                          Perhaps I'll make the effort in future
                          Please do, if only to show off your avator . . . genius!
                          Laminated with Clarifoil™

                          also see :


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                            I was named by Sie Vulture who for reasons I forget . Otherwuise known as Bruce and living on a vast country estate in deepest Essex

                            I used to send Sie dodgy compilation tapes/CD's a million years ago, so somehow I came across this site when it had those lovely geocity pop ups and kept calling itself Baggin' Up - I even found a very old e-mail from sie proudly claiming ten hits a day.

                            I've got more records than I can possibly need, have no taste whatsoever and run a psychiatric hospital in my spare time for pleasure and profit.

                            I tend to lurk about largely cos I haven't a clue what's going on most of the time - which is fine by me
                            Specialising in Rusty Goffe since 2009


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                              My Name is Justin, I'm possibly the only non DJ on the site, i have a boring day job, and i'm probably going to start a business soon (dare i say it) selling records (i promise i'll be a nice dealer with a heart and not one of those scum dealers), i'm also a novice when it comes to most of the music we discus on here, so it's nice when i ask an obvious (to most) question that i don't get the piss took, i found the site via google whilst searching for leo muller and was amazed that other people had discovered him as well as me.
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                                I'm Richard. My surname's Blight and Blighty's a nickname. All my oldest and dearest friends know me as that. I'm 32, 33 next month (21st, send me records, mix cds and drugs ) and a Cancerian which means I'm incredibly funny. Obviously something went wrong there. I think Venus was ascending my anus or something.

                                I seem to be selling records for a living at the minute. I've never wanted to do that. I hate having to sell records I want to keep but I really really really really hate bosses and wasting huge chunks of my time doing bullshit meaningless things so I went with what felt right and here I am.

                                I'm currently listening to Jedi Mind Tricks. I have a packet of Salt And Shake crisps in front of me many of which will soon end up in my cheese and coleslaw sandwich. Later I may have a coffee. I'm reading a Paulo Coelho biography and only smoke when I drink.

                                I've been hugely into hip hop for twenty years next month. I've been collecting records properly for about fifteen years. Seriously for...actually I don't collect records seriously. I DJ sparodically. My night ('The Mudd Foot&#39 just got cancelled due to lack of people turning up so I'm working out something new at the minute. Actually I'm taking a break at the minute.

                                I love all types of music. I found this site via Google. No idea what I was looking for. Then I stumbled upon the forum and realised how ignorant I was so I hung around to steal everyones knowledge so I could build the mightiest of record collections. I love the lack of pretension on this site. It's more about music than digging and all the people are all splendid.

                                Anyhoo....I make music. I have been doing so for years. I was supposed to be starting a record label at the end of last year but decided a career change was more important. I starting to work that out again now. I may do a CD album for starters. I may press this track I'm just finishing onto a twelve inch. I may stick with my original idea an do a seven with a couple of already sorted tracks on it.

                                I've typed an enormous amount of stuff here. Sorry about that. I'm in a babbling mood. It's sucking on a salt packet that does it.