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    Hello, my name is Simeon. I am not a crack head, or a seamonster, and, whatÂ’s worse, I quite enjoy my job.

    I buy a whole lot of records for cheap and most of them are crap. But my tastes range from country rock to hip hop, so in any batch there is usually something to like. I am pretty hopeless at assimilating information on what records other people have found, so I just keep on digging in my own oblivious way.

    I don’t have any  s but I do have a backlog of trades to sort out.
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      Right, me names Gareth, 35 years of age. A printer by trade who is regularly skint as a bastard. I suffer from occasional bouts of lethargy, chronic back ache and smokers cough. Truly i am blessed 'cos i'm happily married with lovely kids, thus the joys of a simple, quiet life always seem to elude me. I love art, reading, watching films, bycicles, people, toys that make weird noises, extreme weather conditions as well as many differing kinds of music and try to combine this with explorations of boot sales and/or record/charity shops in the hope of a 'few' bargains. I wanna actually make some music, so that's me next move, to write/produce/engineer my own stuff. Having done a Diploma course in audio engineering/production over four years ago, it's actually taken me this long to save up the sodding readies to pay for the recording gear. I like this site and post here from time to time when i can, the folk are on the whole most gracious and approachable and have traded rekkids with some fine and righteous dudes. The information is exshaustive and infomative. I like to try and contribute to a healthy debate and spin a few old yarns from time to time and mainly to just have a fookin' laugh and be meself, which is what life's all about really innit?. To enjoy and spread good vibes when the occasion requires, and to sink large quantities of alchohol. I'm gonna make it a goal this year to get to at least one Brillo night to see what the fuss is all about. A big thanks goes oot to Chris and Sie for their help and stuff over the last couple of years, also everyone else who i forgot to say thanks or indeed hello to, you know who you are! (i appologise i got a heed like a fookin' sieve&#33, youse lot make the world a shade brighter.
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        Hi, i'm Jack and i have been a bit of a lurker here this year. I'm 21 and have just made the leap from bummer student to the real world, no job yet, thats for after Glastonbury . London is my home town, but I 'stay' in Brighton, I have amassed quite a few records in various 'VV' genres over the 8 odd years i have been collecting. As one of the 'younger' generation I want to try and keep the music and the scene alive by boring friends with jazz and soundtracks when (if) they come over and playing out every now and again. I don't normally think i have much to offer as the knowledge on this board seems akin to the Jedi council, but i will pipe in if i can. I came to one Brillo meet (second one i think) and really enjoyed it, hopefully i can make it back to some more, slackness is not an excuse!!
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          Well, you might’ve guessed from my massively unimaginative handle what my name is, and as for age can I just say ‘old enough to know better…but not yet old enough for knowing better to make much difference’? That's third oldest to have posted so far after Rich Hero (who at 100 is well in front) and ladyboygrimsby. OK, 39, then. I work freelance (writing, teaching, editing reports) from home, hence unrestricted access to one of the greatest of all work-avoidance tools – this forum. My office water cooler and excuse for skiving all in one handy place on the desk.

          Found VV about a year and a half ago, looking for information on a couple of budget moog LPs I'd found, started reading The Mysterious Dr FÂ’s columns and the write ups of rubbish Tony Hatch LPs while regularly snorting coffee through my nostrils and got hooked. Started posting in January last year, and as my total shows, I havenÂ’t allowed my utter lack of knowledge on anything much, or a record collection which sticks in the low hundreds, keep me from contributing.

          Live with a fantastically understanding woman, two cats, and interests outside music include art, film, books (of which I've written two, published one, and am working on others, but only in fits & starts so far), weird performance art stuff, cooking, allotments (a recent addition, since taking one on about a month ago), and - since finding them in a huge box complete with slide projector at a bootsale a couple of weeks ago - the entire lives of whoever took the many hundreds of slides showing caravan holidays in 1974, trips to Le Mans in 1968 and various weddings, funerals and impressive feats of gardening 1964 - 1978. Â

          New folks be encouraged – I’ve not been booted out for talking crap yet…and besides, the beauty of this forum is that if you don’t know the answer, a smart-arsed remark or digression into a debate about different cheeses, or DIY, will do just as well…

          As for music, I kind of like it. Especially skewed easy listening, Morricone type OST business, lots of psych/sunshine/go-go stuff, exotica, funk, soul, twang, Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra, folk, Bollywood, BrazilianÂ…you name it (though oddly, not too much hip-hop or beat stuff, come to think of it). Also, along with Bongolia, IÂ’m probably one of the few people here to actually like Hawaiian LPs that arenÂ’t remotely funky. And Helmut Zacharias.

          I am also in that tiny minority who doesn't DJ. Ever. Though I did once get persuaded to fill in for a singer with laryngitis in a friend's band, and managed (with heavy lubrication) to get through 50 minutes in a pub backroom somewhere in Wales by using a vocal technique that could flatteringly be described as 'unique', possibly 'outsider-ish'. Never again.
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            my names andy and my wife thinks i'm an alchoholic.
            (pass the bisongrass)
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              well I be rolex, I'm in Australia - one of five antipodean vultures.. 28 years young

              Like most of you I'm into the funk, the soul, the jazz, hip hop, beats and also, perhaps more unusually, reggae and dub.

              In the real world I've had the pleasure of sharing a beer or two fellow anitpodeadeans Formigo and Dj Sheep, and John Stapleton when he came on tour down here, and I once had pizza with the e-man Ed in Angel Islington - good stuff, good people. I'd like to shout out Benico too as he sent me a sterling selection of tunes in last years swap - I still play it every other week & bug on out.

              Never heard of lots of the records discussed on here, just chip in when I've got something to add - got a lot of respect for some of the posters & frequently recall discussions up here when it comes to purchasing.

              I'm hoping to submit a chart one day ..

              Not much more to it really - I've dabbled in some writing before but so chaotic is life I find sourcing the time difficult, so thats on the backburner for now. Excuse the egotism, I'm not too bad with a camera so I work the angles on that a bit ore when the opportunities arrive.

              I'm a batchelor & have my own batchelor pad, complete with woolen shagpile & hundreds of records.


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (DOKO*ENO @ June 23 2004,04:24)]my names andy and my wife thinks i'm an alchoholic.
                (pass the bisongrass)
                My friend Vern is in a similar situation, although it's his mates who are telling him he's a pisshead.

                His retort is "I am not an alcoholic, I am a binge drinker"

                Perhaps that would work with the Missus?

                I think the message from this thread is that the water is lovely come on in.

                All people who have registered but not posted - you have dipped your toe in the water, now dive in and do a couple of laps.

                We don't mind if you prefer the backstroke to the crawl, or if you sport speedo's rather than baggy shorts (no pics please).

                If you require armbands or have to start in the shallow end, that's fine with us.

                But please, no running by the pool and if you feel the need to relieve yourself, kindly get out of the water first.

                Top bombing!
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                  Is Heavy Petting permitted, though?


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                    We are talking about a pool here LBG, not the continental baths!

                    A good cold shower and a spell in the army should sort you out
                    He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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                      I'm a club promoter and DJ down in Bristol. I'm almost a contemporary of LBG's, and he's the Vulture I've known the longest - about 12 years I'd guess...used to be in a dodgy indie band called the Blue Aeroplanes, worked for a distribution company for a few years selling acid house records to shops around the country, compiled the 'Dope on Plastic' series and a few LPs for Harmless, run a big breaks night called BlowPop in Bristol, have way too many records for my own good. Write reviews for Grand Slam some of the time too.
                      We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                        I'm Roope Mokka. Currently a freelance writer on music, tv - bloody hell anything i can come up with really.
                        I'm trying to cut down my record collection all the time, but that's turning me into a record dealer and that's lilke an alcoholic bar manager.
                        Now residing in finland after some 8 years in the uk (leicester, bristol, london).

                        Found the site years ago, probably when iwas after some library related stuff. Love the board to bits, its actually the only one I can read, understand and enjoy. The only vultures i've met personally are amino and stapleton (sorry john for the fuck-up with the fligths, it had nothing to do with me, honest).


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                          Just in case youÂ’re not completely boss-eyed from reading potted autobiogs, hereÂ’s mine too. . .

                          Real name: Graham, and yes, I come from Sprowston, the suburb of Norwich delightfully name-checked in Alan Partridge. (Attention all East Anglian vultures. DonÂ’t feel you have to berate me via this Board in the name of regional rivalry - Mrs Tommo is from Suffolk so local sparring is pretty much the order of the day anyway&#33 IÂ’m living and working in Cardiff at the moment but one day will return to the Paris of the East.

                          Sweet, sweet music: I spent a few years in an indie/guitar pop group called automobile and we put out an album at the end of 1999. Radio play in Mexico City and the Faroe Islands was forthcoming; superstardom and an end to sitting behind a desk during the hours of daylight were not.

                          I got into the rich world of late 60s/early 70s stuff when a friend made me a breathtaking tape of music from the period. That, in conjunction with a life-changing purchase of ‘Living Stereo vol 2’ featuring Johnny Dankworth’s ‘Little Brown Jig’ and the Easy Listening re-issue boom of the mid-90s put me on track. These days I’m happy to check out almost anything from about 1965-75 but have a particular soft spot for the funky big band sound.

                          Can I take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone whoÂ’s posted up information about records on this site - IÂ’m slack-jawed with admiration for the breadth of knowledge Vulture regulars bring to bear on the topic. Last night I was talking to the mate who made that original tape for me and we were saying how incredible it is that ploughing over this same patch of music again and again, even now, is bringing up to the surface loads of fabulous stuff. I love the fact that there are people just as enthusiastic about this music as me, and the Vulture Board is a fine place to share the info.

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                            Originally posted by [b
                            Quote[/b] ]Congratulations Dean on your move. Does this mean the Programme will alternate between Reading & Copenhagen?
                            Yes, we are planning Cream style expansion (into Tallinn for the summer and maybe some fancy beach place in Argentina) before finally imploding in a cocaine haze of angry lawsuits.

                            If there are any Danish VVers, I would like to hear from you.
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                              Hi I'm Jon, I am a project manager for a company that provides phone services (I am sure you've seen our late night adverts) and I also run my own small software business.

                              I think I found this site via Sermads Mowax site about 18 months ago. Before finding it, I had given up collecting records when I went to Uni, I am 31 now so thats a hugh gap; hence my relatively small collection. This site got me started again with loads of new music that I would passed over before.

                              I contribute sporadically as my knowledge is level is still low, but I like to keep an eye on topics whenever I am on line, so I am probably lurker number 1.

                              I don't think I've met anyone on here intentionally but some of you have sent me stuff and done me favours for no other reason than you are nice people.

                              Cheers guys


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                                hi, my name is deeno (30 years) and i live in olten, switzerland. that's a 45min drive from zürich. olten is surrounded by mountains and i'm eating the hole day chocolate and cheese! i 'm collecting cows since 10 years and my collection is going bigger every year.mööööhhhhh....

                                it seems that i'm one of the only swiss guys here on the site. i really can't remember how i found this site (probably sermad or chris) but here exist devenitly a lot of intresting info's and mucho knowlege and at last: very friendly people!

                                i'm working in a small recordstore which are spezialiced in jazz,soul hip-hop and electronica. also we have a huge backcatalogue of 60's and 70's stuff.

                                besides i'm running the indepent label FINDERFINGER RECORDS which is responsible for the compilations kpm - action drive and deeno pres.- action passing. watch out for more in the future! also i'm producing my own stuff. one example is the last track on the action passing comp.
                                as a dj i had a regular clubnight in the last 6 years but this is now cancelled because the club is in trouble with the politics. mainly music was funk and all funk related new productions.


                                i'm working hard to start more topics in the future, promise!.
                                i'm working hard to discover a better forward for the swiss team!
                                can you explain to me what this word means?