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  • Who wants their lsd?

    Thanks again to all of you who've been buying our Licorice Soul releases - thanks to you we're completely out of LSD001, 002 and 003 and you've all got a tasty collectable for future years!

    The Roundtable - Eli's Comin' (LSD004) has been our fastest-selling single yet. Only a couple of hundred left after one week on release! We've broadened distribution in the UK and abroad so you may see it in a few new spots this time around.

    Order yours online today if you haven't got one, and there will be copies for sale at the next brillo for your bargain 4 quid each Brillo price.

    Big thanks to the one and only SoulMad for his help - you're the daddy mate!
    Chops for show, groove for dough.

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    Glad you've brought your Licorice Soul label in a new thread, Ed.

    Might as well take the opportunity to announce that through Ed's hard work and the fact that he's still alive, Bob Bernard - the force behind that blistering version of Comin' Home Baby that Ed and the lads put out on 003, will be performing with his tip-top jazz band at HF&S on Sept 16!

    He'll be doing a set of similar stuff, funky jazzy stuff like Comin' Home, Jimmy Smith etc...

    And I'll be talking to a few of the other live funk venues around the land to see if we can get Bob a little tour going...

    Bit of history full circle there...!


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      surely this merits its own thread! so off we go...
      Chops for show, groove for dough.