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  • Untrustworthy types on ebay

    anyone have any advice or useful tips for dealing with unsavoury people on eBay?

    looks like i'm getting stung for $20.00...

    guy reckons he's sent the record but i seriously doubt it as it was over three months ago (and the "oh, i just found a box of unmailed records" line is getting a bit tiresome). and having read his feedback post-purchase it looks like it's a regular event...

    anyone any similar experiences who achieved a satisfactory result? please tell!

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    Dunno, but if the guy's got a lot of negative feedback as you say I'd guess you might have a problem. That said, I think most people are pretty straight (maybe surprisingly) and the postal system can be pretty crap - bought & paid for an LP from an Australian seller back in February, never got the LP, mailed the guy and he sent out a replacement. Had he forgotten to send the first, or did the parcel get filched en route? No idea...

    I've also had a cash payment go missing on its way to the US (luckily it was sent international signed for, so the PO were forced to reimburse the funds lost, and - equally luckily, the seller was patient enough to hang onto the LP while I waited for the PO to confirm the item was lost, rather that delayed), a double LP broken in the mail, and things sent airmail taking three months to reach the States.

    Thing to find out is that it's definitely the seller at fault, not the mail system, I guess - THEN initiate whatever procedures there are to recoup the cash. Good luck with it, though - it's a f***ing hassle and headache when it happens either way...
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      I sent a CD to a guy in the Netherlands, turned up in Australia, arrived back in the Netherlands 4 weeks later???
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        Soul Strut had a thread on this recently where one of the US board members got stung by a guy in Germany.

        One of the German strutters phoned said crook up and had a few quiet words in his shell-like. German e-bay fraudster then got scared and sent the record.

        Where's this guy from?

        Are there any US heavies on the board?
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          i'd say leave it. its part of the bay, win some loose some. you're just going to loose time and your nerves. how many records have you bought with no hassle? i just think that x % of money that i invest on bay goes to straight to waste. had enough of hassling people.

          what really bugs me though is getting a record really cheap and then the seller "drops and cracks" it accidentally.


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            The strangest one i ever had took forever to arrive during which time the seller would send me periodic, badly spelt updates on the situation (briefly, his "momma" had passed and he had to go back and forth to Georgia to sort things out...hmmmm.... but who knows?)

            Anyhow, despite being advertised as VG, when the record finally arrived, it looked like it had been kicked all the way from bleedin' Georgia.

            I had a bit of a spate of chancers. As a result, I don't buy much off the bay these days.
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              'tis a bugger indeed. one way i try and stop this kind of grief from happening is to only bid if it feels right - i.e. as near as dammit 100% positive feedback and well-presented auctions.

              not had much hassle on the 'bay, but then i don't get much from there these days.


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                yeah, i now realise i should've checked the feedback before rushing in, but y'know, heat of the moment 'n' all.. besides, it's the first spot of real hassle - ie being ripped off for cash - i've ever had. most 'bayers are like minded souls i guess and are generally honest.

                which is another reason why i wondered if anyone had ever had a similar experience and found a way to resolve it outside of eBay or Paypal (neither of whom can help due to the amount falling outside of their insurance brackets).

                just wanted to stop the crook ripping other people off more than anything else! ah well..


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                  one way round it is always to pay for registered mail and get the seller to send you the tracking number.

                  sure, it's expensive, but really worth it on higher-value rekkids.
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