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Cheap digs in london for the lefties

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  • Cheap digs in london for the lefties

    I'm meant to be finding some places that the Lefties can stay at when they come over to play at HF&S next week. Thing is, cos I live in London I ain't a fucking clue!

    Can anyone recommend something cheap and cheerful? preferably near Angel?

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    I clicked on this thread because I thought it was about liberal dollar bin LP's


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      Oh right! I forgot about the double meaning of the word, dig! I know that Eddie stayed at this cheap place in Piccadilly when NMS came to town, but I can't get hold of them to find out... Someone here must have a recommendation surely...!


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        some mates of mine came up from the west country for a stag do a few months back and they stayed in some gaff on Pentonville road that they said was cheap, clean reasonable etc ....can't for the life of me remember the name ...sorry! ....i'll try to find out though!
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          my mates stayed in a place called The Jury Inn which is on Pentonville road ....i would't wanna say what my mates standards are .....but they seemed happy !
          "Its not punishment they need, Its gunishment"


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            When we came down to Salmon & Compass lasy year, we stayed here:
            Basic, clean & nearby
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              Places donÂ’t come much cheaper in London than The Regent Palace Hotel (Glasshouse street, Piccadilly), itÂ’s clean but quite noisy (IÂ’m taking earplugs next time). Its not exactly luxurious but itÂ’s bang in the middle of Piccadilly circus, so the location canÂ’t be beat (if your going out in the west end).
              I said I would never stay there again but the price and location are hard to beat, + the endless supply of beautiful foreign backpacking girls that seem to stay there is a bonus.

              A little better is the City Hotel in Brick Lane (or is it Osborn Street at the top of Brick Lane), this place  can be expensive but  they (very occasionally) have single rooms for £50 (or so) a night, which is very good but these discounted rooms are in very limited supply (infact almost non existent).

              Your best bet is probably is I use them a fair bit and the results are usually OK.


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                That&#39;s the one&#33; Regent Hotel, I remember now&#33; Thanks...